Do Zombies Dream Of Electric Sheep?

The first Electric Sheep anthology of film essays was published on 16 May 2011 by Strange Attractor Press. From the gutter to the avant-garde, The End: An Electric Sheep Anthology brings together Bill Morrison’s chemical ghosts, the bad girls of 50s exploitation films, apocalyptic evangelical cinema, the human centipede, Spanish zombies, Japanese nihilists and David Lynch’s soundtracks of decay. Contributors include the Brothers Quay, Peter Whitehead, Jack Sargeant and Jason Wood. And jolly fine it is too.

As part of the launch party of ‘The End: An Electric Sheep Anthology‘ on June 7th at The Horse Hospital, Holborn; I was asked to DJ a live soundtrack to a screening of Night of the Living Dead: Reanimated (1968 / 2009), an experimental collective reinterpretation of George A. Romero’s classic zombie film by various artists, animators and filmmakers, using mixed media including puppetry, CGI, hand-drawn animation, illustration, acrylics, claymation, etc. Over the top of this curious mash-up of styles I played a mixture of space jazz, musique concrete and murky electronic doodles. Why not have listen to this mix while watching the film for yourself? It syncs up quite well, although there was one point where I developed a stiff neck and missed a scene change…


This is the full-length slightly lower-quality version fit for the synch-ing. I also split the mix into two parts and uploaded them both onto mixcloud complete with tracklisting, which you can find on the DJ page of this website.

There’s also a frankly bloody marvellous pre-screening DJ set from Lucky Cat Zoe Lucky Cat Zoe featuring some unbearably smart tunes from the likes of Esther, Keith, Enid, Ella, Sharon (oh, Sharon!!) and Augustus. And while we’re on the subject of links, why not check out the Electric Sheep website and maybe even order yourself an anthology? It’s never less than stimulating!

Classy Tunes, Slightly Dodgy Mixing

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Made in one take on borrowed turntables during a brief 42-minute respite from the chaos of a live day of broadcasting, featuring whatever 12″s I had lying around. I must admit haven’t done this for a while due to my own turntables growing old and infirm, and I like to think that accounts for the occasional slightly baggy nature of some of the mixing, but are you really going to complain when the tunes on display include ‘Champion DJ’ and ‘Some Justice’? Of course not!

Once I retire, of course, I’ll have a lot more time to do this kind of thing and my mixing will no doubt go back to its previous lazer-like precision. But for now, this will be fine.