Here you’ll find some of my favourite recent works for radio, as well as links to a handful of other favourite projects from the archive. It’s just the tip of the iceberg, really, but you have to start somewhere!

BBC Radio

Every World Cup National Anthem Played Simultaneously, BBC Radio 4 – 05.06.18

My Lai – Interview with David Harrington (The Kronos Quartet) and librettist Harriet Chessman, BBC Radio 4 – 05.06.18

Stockhausen at the Barbican – Report For BBC Radio 4 – 08.12.17

Mike Dixon and Michael Nau – Report For BBC Radio 4 – 27.09.17

The Liverpool Mass – Report For BBC Radio 4 – 12.05.17

Halim El-Dabh – Report For BBC Radio 4 / World Service – 26.08.16

London’s Lost Sounds – Report For The World Service Weekend – 11.06.16

Living Legends: The Great Gatsby – Report For The World Tonight – 11.05.16

Gilles Peterson on The Sun Ra Arkestra – Report For The World Tonight – 19.04.16

Otto Sound Therapy – Report For The World Tonight – 09.04.16

Delia Derbyshire Day – Report For The World Tonight – 17.01.16

‘Into The Bascule Chamber’ – A Concert Beneath Tower Bridge – 24.09.15

How We Used To Live – London On Film – 24.07.15

Amen, Brother – Six Seconds That Made Music History – 29.03.15

Konono No.1 – Interview For Focus On Africa – 05.02.15

In Search Of Perfect Sound – Denman Horn Report -22.06.14

Radiophonic Workshop Reunion – 13.04.14

Foghorn Requiem Report – 23.06.13

A Corner Seat In A Smoker, Facing The Engine – 10.02.12

Originally broadcast as part of the Radio 4 series ‘Short Cuts’, this work inspired my all-time favourite piece of feedback from a member of the public: “I laughed until I wept and nearly crashed the car. Thank you.” 

Resonance 104.4FM etc.:

Near Mint

The wonderful world of obsessive-compulsive record collecting, Tuesdays, 1800 on Resonance FM, repeated Fridays at 1030 (UK times, obviously). A rummage through the backwaters of record collections, unleashing treasure and trash from the back of the stash, featuring the rare, the bizarre and the occasionally justifiably obscure. Previous guests have included DJ Food, Luke Vibert, Sarah Angliss and Jennifer Lucy Allan and the latest thrill-packed episodes can be found here.

Near Mint Logo - 133

The OST Show

Usually presented by Mr. Jonny Trunk, Resonance FM’s magnificent soundtrack, library and television music programme goes out on Resonance FM every Saturday and I’ve worked on the programme as an engineer, competition facilitator and general whipping boy for a number of years now. On a handful of occasions, however, I’ve had the honour of being handed the keys to the show and I’ve included a couple of my very favourite editions here:

OST 10.06.14 – Denman Horn Special – Live from the London Science Museum


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“This week’s show comes to you from the Science Museum in London’s South Kensington, and was broadcast both live on Resonance FM and down a 27 foot-long loudspeaker from 1929. Lovingly restored by Aleksander Kolkowski and his team from the original design by Roderick Denman, today’s hour-long special features a carefully curated horn-friendly playlist designed to show the biggest loudspeaker in Britain in it’s most flattering light – and is therefore choc-full of field recordings, radiophonic curiosities, and – of course – foghorns. Full track-listing and some nice photos to accompany your listening experience here“.

OST 20.10.12 – BBC Records Special

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“A two-hour special devoted to the many faces of  BBC Records, compiled and presented by Robin The Fog in his capacity as the corporation’s ‘Resident Hauntologist’.” The original post on this site, including a full tracklist can be found here.

…And as a bonus treat, this vintage episode from way back:

OST 12.07.08 – Sesame Street Special 

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“Film, library and television music with Jonny Trunk. In this archive edition from 2008, Robin The Fog, OST’s long-suffering engineer and comedy foil takes the controls to bring you the musical fruits of his Sesame Street obsession, aided and abetted by ResFM stalwart Joceline Colvert. Together they bring you a Ladybug’s Picnic, P-Funk jams concerning the days of the week and a pigeon that plays checkers, pus some surprisingly avant-garde obscurities from Philip Glass. What more could you ask for?”

Looking Good, Feeling Great (April 2013)

Join Robin The Fog as he digs up a plethora of inspirational, aspirational and instructional recordings of highly dubious vintage and embarks on a cut-and-paste odyssey that is by turns amusing, absurd and, on at least one occasion, almost unbearable. Essential listening for adolescent salespeople seeking holiness or anyone trying to give up smoking on the moon.

This was one of my favourite projects to work on. A four-part series of programmes made entirely from fragments of spoken word, instructional and aspirational vinyl records (plus the odd CD)  that was broadcast throughout April 2013 on Resonance FM.  The series can be found here and each episode is definitely worth listening to over and over. For the moment, here’s number three, a personal favourite:

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Sŵn Festival Radio 87.7FM – The Foggy Transmitter October 2013

A special hour curated by myself for Sŵn Festival Radio. Foggy delights aplenty, or as the official PR would have it ‘an hour of foggy transmitters, learning languages and number stations whirling around your ears like a sonic tsunami… close your mind, open your ears and enjoy!’

In The Mix For NO-FM, March 2013 

Bringing the noise for Serbia’s finest:

Panel Borders

Panel Borders DJ Food Special 05.02.12

Panel Borders  is the UK’s only radio show on comics, illustration and other graphic delights, here profiling the work of Ninja Tune recording artist, graphic designer and voracious 2000AD consumer, DJ Food. The original post to support the programme can be located here.

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Panel Borders Kid Koala Special  02.10.11

A very special edition of Panel Borders featuring an exclusive interview with Canadian turntablist and cartoonist Kid Koala on the launch of his latest graphic novel ‘Space Cadet’, with bespoke soundtrack on vinyl. To read more and for further linkage, visit the original page on this site here.

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