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Forthcoming Shows: 

11/06/22 – State 51 Summer Party (Tape Loop Workshop And Performance)

State 51, Rhoda St, London. Details here.

12/06/22 – Boundary Condition

Iklectik, Old Paradise Yard, London. Details here.

19/06/22 – Hackoustic Presents Trailblazers (Tape Loop Workshop)

Amaryllis Fleming Concert Hall, Royal College of Music 12:00-15:00. Details here.

25/06/22 – Hocus Folkus

Stoke Newington Old Church. Details here.



First coming to prominence with hugely-acclaimed 2012 LP The Ghosts Of Bush, Howlround is a quintet (four slightly battered machines machines, one slightly battered operator) that creates recordings and performances entirely from manipulating natural acoustic sounds on vintage reel-to-reel tape machines, with all electronic effects or artificial reverb strictly forbidden. In an age where one can create all manner of electronic music with a simple swipe of a mouse, Howlround prove not only how much fun is to be had in making things complicated again, but conversely just how little effort is sometimes needed to create a genuinely uncanny and beguiling soundworld: the rough underbelly of our pristine, Pro-Tools universe.

[Y]ou start to feel it’s the machine’s making the decisions, the closed input one-take recording narrowing the walls and increasing the sense of intransigent, intractable progress towards oblivion. […] If an environment is suggested it’s not the desolate moors of his Cumbrian surroundings – it’s more aquatic and threatening too – teeth bared in the depths, the snarling arguments of a shoal of Baltic Pike or Humbolt Squid […] Smart horror directors should be getting this on their soundtracks. – The Wire

Howlround - The Debatable Lands Cover
ES - TDL review

Howlround’s aleatory process reminds of The Stone Tape, Nigel Kneale’s 1972 tale of a residual haunting recorded by a mansion’s stone walls. The results have thick streaks of analogue energies roaming the air, fluttering and pulsing, forming rhythms that palpitate and regurgitate before ultimately crumbling under unstable tape delay. Like the cairns – burial monuments – that thread through the region, ‘The Debatable Lands’ feels like unearthly audio monoliths with hidden, ancient properties – The Quietus



ACIT Cover

‘Manually manipulating reels that feel like they’ve only recently been exhumed, [Howlround] weave a dense tapestry as haunting and immersive as Delia Derbyshire and Brian Hodgson‘s Legend Of Hell House Soundtrack’ – The Wire

Aural Ectoplasm: ☆☆☆☆ – Record Collector Magazine
The ultimate Hauntological artefact – Simon Reynolds
Uncanny, mesmerising, difficult & sublime – The Quietus
Spikily Psychoactive – Boomkat

Howlround SNFEST17 - 1
Live at Supernormal – By @chameleonic

Concrète theatre … It’s glorious – FACTmag


A Howlround live set is always a spectacle, due to the distinctive nature of our performances, in which haunting and uncanny soundscapes are created from loops of quarter-inch tape stretched and balanced precariously around the venue, while we try desperately to prevent the loops from snarling, snapping or becoming entangled – part sound design, part chaotic performance art. So far we’ve taken our loops all over Europe and to the US, playing churches, basements, industrial shafts and secret nuclear bunkers to name a few.

Howlround EEFF Bethnal Green

Random Clips From The Archive:

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