Howlround  A Creak In Time 

(LP/Download, Psyché Tropes, 2016 – Order your copy HERE)


Not Unlike Brian Eno Remixing György Ligeti – Electronic Sound 
Image and sound alike point to some unfathomable oceanic bleakness – The Wire
A cinematic triumph of style and substance – Wallpaper* Magazine

Time Attendant / Howlround – The Blow Volume 2

(Front And Follow MC/Download, 2016)


Howlround – Tales From The Black Tangle

(The Fog Signals LP/Download, 2015)

Tales From The Black Tangle - Cover

Howlround Torridon Gate

(A Year In The Country CD/Download, 2014 / The Fog Signals Limited LP, 2015)
Torridon Gate LP Cover Square-lo

Howlround – Brighthelm Extract

(Download, Touch Radio, 2014)


Howlround – Secret Songs Of Savamala

(The Fog Signals LP/Download, 2013)

Robin The Fog & Hills Have Riffs – Earl Grey Whistle Test

(The Fog Signals Download, 2013)
Earl Grey Whistle Test

 HowlroundThe Ghosts Of Bush

(The Fog Signals LP/Download, 2012)
The Ghosts Of Bush

 Guy J. Jackson & Robin The Fog – Notes On Cow Life

(The Fog Signals MC/Download, 2012)
Notes On Cow Life

Compilation Appearances: 

Howlround  – ‘Bush Fountains VIP’

(Various Artists – Trade And Distribution Almanac Volume Five, ADAADAT CD, 2016)

Howlround  – ‘Flying Over A Glassed Wedge’

(Various Artists – The Quietened Village, A Year In The Country CD/Download, 2016)


Howlround  – ‘Battle Tape – Fragment – 10.02.16’

(Various Artists – 23 Minutes, 23 Tracks, 23 Artists, Eastville Vending Mini CD/Download, 2016)

Howlround  – ‘Cradle Cheat’

(Various Artists – The Delaware Road, Buried Treasure CD/Download, 2015)

Howlround with abandoned playground – ‘OH (Edit)’

The Trunchbulls  – ‘Field Notes Angela Carter’

(Various Artists – XPYLON, XPYLON Download, 2015)

Howlround – ‘Wing to Wing’

(Various Artists – Archaeology, Running On Air CD, 2014)

Robin The Fog – ‘Unnatural History’

(Various Artists – The Outer Church, Front & Follow 2xCD, 2013)
The Outer Church Sleeve 

Robin The Fog – ‘Intro’

(Various Artists – Sine Of The Times, Badmood Recordings CD, 2013)
Sine Of The Times

Robin The Fog – ‘Ghost Of ’58’

(Various Artists – Below The Radar vol. 11, The Wire Magazine, Download, 2012)
Below The Radar 11

Emma Hammond & Robin The Fog – ‘Glass Bodies (Tonight And Every Night)’

(Various Artists – Restligeists, Cassette, 2012)

Miscellaneous Production:

Devon Loch – ‘Rapid (Howlround Follows Them Down Remix)’

(Bonus remix available with the album Sleep Scale, Kit Records, Download, 2015)

Devon Loch

Brood Ma – ‘Esteem (Humble Like That Mix by Robin The Fog)’

(Appears on the album r e P O P U L O U S, Quantum Natives, Download, 2014)

Brood Ma rePopulous

The Sound Of Antler – ‘Quiet Now’

(Appears on the album Them Bones, Private Press CD, 2013)
Them Bones

Chips For The Poor – ‘Fistula (Ladies Mix by Robin The Fog)’

(Download with 7″ single, Invisible Spies Recordings, 2012)

Chips For The Poor – Live From Downtown Transmissions 

(Remix and additional production, Cassette, Invisible Spies Recordings, 2011)
Chips For The Poor - Live