The Howling – All Hail Mega Force

(The Tapeworm Cassette, 2022 – Order HERE)

Worm Food Delivery

(The Tapeworm Cassette, 2021)

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The New Obsolescents – The Superceded Sounds Of… 

(Castles in space lp/download, 2021)

Rec And Ruin EP

(The Fog Signals 7″ lathe / Download, 2020)

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Volt Face EP

(Buried Treasure 7″ lathe / Download, 2020)

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Howlround And Merkaba Macabre – Cantor Dust And Monster Curve

(Psyché Tropes 7″/Download, 2020 – 20 copies only for Iklectik Fundraiser)

Un-England (feat. Dolly Dolly)

(THE FOG SIGNALS Download, 2020)


(7″, 2020 – 3 copies only for Resonance FM Fundraiser)

The Debatable Lands

(Touch LP/Download, 2019)

A Forest Mighty Blue / Pippa (Night And Fog)

(7″, 2019 – 3 copies only for Resonance FM Fundraiser)

Various Artists  A Creak Retimed

(Psyché Tropes LP/Download, 2018 – Order your copy HERE)

Marta De Pascalis / Howlround  Split

(The Wormhole LP/Download, 2018 – Pre-order your copy HERE)

Howlround  St. John On Bethnal Green / Just 4 U, West Malling

(The Fog Signals 7″, 2018 – 3 copies only for Resonance FM Fundraiser)

Howlround  A Creak In Time 

(Psyché Tropes LP/Download, 2017 – Order your copy HERE)


Not Unlike Brian Eno Remixing György Ligeti – Electronic Sound 
Image and sound alike point to some unfathomable oceanic bleakness – The Wire
A cinematic triumph of style and substance – Wallpaper* Magazine

Time Attendant / Howlround – The Blow Volume 2

(Front And Follow Cassette/Download, 2016)


Howlround – Tales From The Black Tangle

(The Fog Signals LP/Download, 2015)

Tales From The Black Tangle - Cover

Howlround Torridon Gate

(A Year In The Country CD/Download, 2014 /

The Fog Signals Limited LP, 2015)

Torridon Gate LP Cover Square-lo

Howlround – Brighthelm Extract

(Touch Radio, Download, 2014)


Howlround – Secret Songs Of Savamala

(The Fog Signals LP/Download, 2013)



Robin The Fog & Hills Have Riffs –

Earl Grey Whistle Test

(The Fog Signals Download, 2013)

Earl Grey Whistle Test

 HowlroundThe Ghosts Of Bush

(The Fog Signals LP/Download, 2012) 

The Ghosts Of Bush

 Guy J. Jackson & Robin The Fog

Notes On Cow Life

(The Fog Signals Cassette/Download, 2012)

Notes On Cow Life

Appearances Elsewhere: 

‘Vile Input’

(Various – diary of a madman (bibliotapes Cassette/ Download, 2022)

‘A Slow Cancellation’ / ‘A Failure Of Absence’

(Various – Hauntology in UK (eighth tower records CD/ Download, 2022)

‘Worms Eye’ / ‘Rec And Ruin’

(Various – OCTORcorallia (buried treasure CD/ Download, 2021)

‘The New Obsolescents – ‘Glass Sphere (Refired)’

(Various – The Isolation Tapes (Compact Disc Edition), Castles in space CD/ Download, 2020)

‘Insula Acid’

(Various – Touch:Isolation, Subscription Download Series, 2020)

‘Thrown Open Wide’

(Various – The Quietened Journey, A Year In The Country, CD/Download, 2019)

‘Crypt Of Saint John’ / ‘Peck In The Crown’

(Various – Black Magic And Witchcraft In The United Kingdom, Eighth Tower CD/ Download, 2019)


(Various – XYZ – An ABC Of The Tapeworm As Mixed By Dale Cornish , The Tapworm Cassette, 2019)


(Various – Echoes And Reverberations, A Year In The Country, CD/Download, 2019)

‘Cloven Stone’

(Various – N16 9ES ‘Three Years Of Dronica’, psuedomagica CD, 2019)

‘Heavy Works’

(Various – Musicity x Culture Mile, Cassette/Geo-located Stream, 2019)

‘The Winter Dream Of Novels Oak’

(Various – The Watchers, A Year In The Country, CD/Download, 2019)

‘Middle Gelt’

(Various – Warwick Bazaar 2018, Treehouse Orchestra Recordings, Download, 2019)

‘A Closed Circuit’

(Various – The Quietened Mechanisms, A Year In The Country,

CD/Download, 2018)

‘Cold Kissing’

(Various – Audio Albion, A Year In The Country CD/Download, 2018)

‘East Tower Stairwell Gathering’

(Various – Lessons, Front And Follow 2CD/Download, 2017)

‘Untitled (080417 Demo 4)’

(Various – A Can Of Worms, The Tapeworm, Cassette, 2017)

‘Night Call, Collect’

(Various – The Quietened Cosmologists, A Year In The Country CD/Download, 2017)

‘Bush Fountains VIP’

(Various – Trade And Distribution Almanac Volume Five,



‘Flying Over A Glassed Wedge’

(Various – The Quietened Village, A Year In The Country

CD/Download, 2016)


‘Battle Tape – Fragment – 10.02.16’

(Various – 23 Minutes, 23 Tracks, 23 Artists,

Eastville Vending Mini CD/Download, 2016)


‘Cradle Cheat’

(Various – The Delaware Road, Buried Treasure CD/Download, 2015)


Howlround with abandoned playground – ‘OH’

The Trunchbulls  – ‘Field Notes Angela Carter’

(Various – XPYLON, Download, 2015)


‘Wing to Wing’

(Various – Archaeology, Running On Air CD, 2014)


Robin The Fog – ‘Unnatural History’

(Various – The Outer Church, Front & Follow 2xCD, 2013)

The Outer Church Sleeve 

Robin The Fog – ‘Intro’

(Various – Sine Of The Times, Badmood Recordings CD, 2013)

Sine Of The Times

Robin The Fog – ‘Ghost Of ’58’

(Various  – Below The Radar vol. 11, The Wire Magazine,

Download, 2012)

Below The Radar 11

Emma Hammond & Robin The Fog – ‘Glass Bodies (Tonight And Every Night)’

(Various – Restligeists, Cassette, 2012)



Miscellaneous Production:

Running On Air -‘Heartless Remix’

(Appears on the album More Than Machine Remixes, Running On Air Music, CD/Download, 2017)

Devon Loch – ‘Rapid (Howlround Follows Them Down Remix)’

(Bonus remix available with the album Sleep Scale, Kit Records, Download, 2015)

Devon Loch

Brood Ma

‘Esteem (Humble Like That Mix by Robin The Fog)’

(Appears on the album r e P O P U L O U S, Quantum Natives,

Download, 2014)

Brood Ma rePopulous

The Sound Of Antler – ‘Quiet Now’

(Appears on the album Them Bones, Private Press CD, 2013)

Them Bones

Chips For The Poor –

‘Fistula (Ladies Mix by Robin The Fog)’

(Invisible Spies Recordings, Download with 7″ single, 2012)


Chips For The Poor – Live From Downtown Transmissions 

(Remix and additional production, Cassette,

Invisible Spies Recordings, 2011)

Chips For The Poor - Live


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