MSCTY School of Sound Art

A new series of short video tutorials for 2022, produced in association with Nick Luscombe’s MSCTY-SPACE project and designed as a brief introduction for those new to the wonderful world of sound art. The latest episode can be found below and you can view all current episodes on the project page here.  

Unlocking Our Sound Heritage presents ‘The Space Journey’

Produced using a vintage graphic score from a 1970s experimental music box set, this was our attempt to encourage families to great creative and make music using whatever implements they could find around the house. Described by BBC Radio London as ‘like the soundtrack to Alien’, which I naturally took as the highest compliment.

From The Howlround Archive

Trailer for ‘A Creak Retimed’

Trailer for ‘A Creak In Time’

‘A Creak In Time’ Live Screening At Further

‘Aural Ectoplasm’ At London Month Of The Dead 


Soundchecking At The Kaz 

Shot by Victoria Hastings, this short video captures a typically atypical Howlround soundcheck for a show in Liverpool on tour with William Basinski.

Promo Video For ‘OH’ With abandoned playground

Promo For Secret Songs Of Savamala 




The Original Ghosts Of Bush Promo, 2012


…And Finally

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