Howlround On The Wire And Near Mint Off The Wireless – For Now!

Yet more exciting news on the reception of the new Howlround LP A Creak In Time, as The Wire magazine have very kindly hosted an exclusive clip from the film on their website to go with their extremely flattering review of last month. It joins last week’s equally glowing reviews in Electronic Sound and Wallpaper* Magazine, so the album appears to be gaining quite a bit of traction. Which is just as well, because we’ll be screening it (ahead of a bespoke live performance) at Deliaphonic, Coventry Cathedral on May 5th, in the company of Peter Zinovieff, Pete Kemper of Sonic Boom, Jerry Dammers and more. This promises to be quite a remarkable evening, so do come along if you can. Click on the image below for details:

…And then on the following evening, back in London, we’ll be performing the film with a live soundtrack at the inaugural Further, a new series of immersive audio-visual evenings curated by DJ Food & Pete Williams at the Portico Gallery in West Norwood. It’s the first time we’ll ever have played the film live and even I’m not entirely sure how that’s going to pan out, but I’m very much looking forward to finding out! Plus the Ghost Box chaps are headlining and I’m told there will be oil projections. What’s not to like?

In other news, this week’s Near Mint was the last in the current series as the show takes a well-earned break after a solid year of broadcasting. I realise this sudden absence from he airwaves will have left several people inconsolable, but rest assured that the show will be back for a new series in the not too distant future. In the meantime, I’m leaving you with a triple bill of the last three episodes, although admittedly this is partly due to the fact that a hectic couple of weeks have meant that I haven’t been keeping this site up quite as diligently as I should have. Plus I’m just about to head off for a couple of weeks’ much needed holiday, so am hoping that this little lot will tide you over until I return:

We’ll start with the most recent, a trip into the world of London-based artist Larry Achiampong, whose work examines the interplay between the modern world and his traditional Ghanian heritage through field recordings, hip hop and video game soundtracks. Listen in for some extracts from his remarkable and imminent new album Untitled, as well as tracks from his back-catalogue which blend vintage high life recordings with the influences of contemporary beat-makers such as J Dilla, Flying Lotus and Madlib. Very strong stuff!

The previous week’s show welcomed back our friends Luka and Vanja from Belgrade’s Discom label, with another exciting new release to show off – Sidarta the only album to date from prog-fusion-electronic rockers  37°C. Recorded in 1979 (apparently in the same studio as Gary Numan’s Are Friends Electric?), it’s another gloriously psychedelic excursion into the far-out sounds of the former Yugoslavia from the label that bought you last year’s excellent Yugoslavian Space Programme LP. Can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of this one!

And lastly, some hardcore hothouse action, as we head up the garden path for a quick frolic with the flowers. Anne Chase dreams of getting herself covered in sap, while the unlucky Mrs. Briers comes to a sticky end in front of a giant orchid patch (that is, a patch of giant orchids). This programme was primariyl designed to be consumed amongst nature, be that in the woods, down the park or up against a window box, and went down exceptionally well here at Fog Towers where my houseplants haven’t stopped smiling since.

Right, that’s probably enough to be getting on with. Meet you back here in a fortnight. Until then, keep your ears to the wind and noses to the skyline…

‘A Cinematic Triumph’ – Wallpaper* Magazine Review And EXCLUSIVE Extract

Huge thanks to Thomas Howells and Wallpaper* Magazine for this extremely flattering review of Howlround and Psyché Tropes audio/visual project A Creak In Time. ‘As a rumination on both the firmament and the infinitesimal’, he writes, ‘A Creak in Time is timeless and singular: a cinematic triumph of style and substance’. Read the full article and watch an exclusive extract from the film here.

‘Not Unlike Brian Eno Remixing György Ligeti’ – Electronic Sound Review

‘A Menace And A Mystery’ – Howlround In The Wire



OST, Delaware Road And The Audio Apocalypse

Another chance to hear – thank heavens, drop everything!!! – last Saturday’s OST Show on Resonance FM, a Delaware Road special marking their forthcoming audio-visual extravaganza taking place at Kelvedon Hatch nuclear bunker on Friday July 28th. The show was presented by myself, standing in for regular host Jonny Trunk, and featured a whole bevy of guest all involved in the project, including Delaware Road lynchpin Alan Gubby of Buried Treasure Recordings, DJ Food, Ian Helliwell, Chris from Concretism, Dan Wilson of Radionics Radio, Mark Pilkington of Teleplasmiste / Strange Attractor and Hannah Brown of Kvist. A pretty wild bunch, but thankfully the ever-dependable Lucky Cat Zoe was also on hand to help keep everyone under control, having only just come off air with the first show in her new series (listen here) and still a beacon of hardcore professionalism. Thanks must also go to engineer Ilia for keeping us on air! In addition, we had the usual extraordinarily silly competition which provided top LOLs throughout. Can you think of a better way of spending an afternoon than hanging out with these good folk, playing radiophonic music and coming up with as many bad puns as humanly possible? Because I’m not sure I can!


A handful of hosts: Fog, Concretism, Food, Helliwell, Wilson, Pilkington.

As well as promoting the forthcoming event, we were auctioning off a very special Audio Apocalypse Survival Kit, consisting of one of Hannah’s very special hand-printed tote bags full to bursting with vinyl, CDs and more from artists involved in the project, with all money raised going to help Resonance FM stay on air for another year (at the moment of writing there is still a little time left to get a bid in HERE if you haven’t already). Some lucky winner is going to receive the most amazing bumper pack of goodies to help them through the apocalypse. How that long nuclear winter will just fly by! Here’s a full tracklist for the benefit of Delaware Completists:

Howlround – Cradle Cheat
Dolly Dolly – Bound By Sound
Ian Helliwell – Water Gardens
Revbjelde – Tidworth Drum
Loose Capacitor – And We Begin
The Dandelion Set – Nine Regal
Monoslapper – Twit
The Rowan Amber Mill – The Buzzard And The Nightingale
The Simonsound – The Beam
Radionics Radio – Our Westchester Pizzeria Is A Huge Success
Twelve Hour Foundation – Macaroni Cheese
Concretism – Eiswagen
Twelve Hour Foundation – Sun And Air
Tauchsieder – Moves Left
Assembled Minds – Come Meet Us In The Grotto
Howlround – A Creak In Time (Part 2 – Extract)
DJ Food – Colours Beyond Colours
Radionics Radio – Heal Chakras
DJ Food – A Trick Of The Ear
Concretism – Waiting Watching (Exclusive)
Teleplasmiste – Fall Of The Yak Man (Forthcoming)
Ian Helliwell – Symbiosis (Exclusive)
Akiha Den Den – Cold Ending
Radionics Radio – Delawarr Multi-Oscillator Experiment Summary (c.1968)
Dolly Dolly And Various – Delaware Road Promotional Flexidisc
Revbjelde – Out Of The Unknown

Alan was also in the studio to show off the brand new self-titled debut album by his group Revbjelde, a gorgeous new LP which is now available to pre-order – and of which is rightly proud. Click on the rather spiffy cover art above to pre-order your copy. And from it here’s ‘Out Of The Unknown’, that final track that we didn’t have time to finish playing:

This week’s Near Mint show is also now online and happens to be a sister programme of sorts to this week’s OST, also intended to promote our fantastic Audio Apocalypse Survival Bundle, only with less punnage. Listen here for much of the same without all the silly bits. Or just listen to OST twice. Either works.


More Howlround news now, and thanks to everyone who came down to the Resonance FM Benefit Show at Silver Road, where I was performing solo alongside Ulrich Schnauss and en ecreux inside this most remarkable of venues, a disused watertank that has been converted over the last couple of years by the brilliant Lia Mazzari into a remarkable arts bar and performance space. Normally I would give a little more notice about such things, but it was all rather last minute – I got a text, grabbed my suitcase full of loops and ran! A tremendous evening was had by all, but sadly Silver Road is now facing imminent closure just a few months after officially opening, thanks to the usual greedy land-grab by local developers that is becoming all too prevalent in London nowadays. It’s a tremendous shame the place has to close, but I’m certainly glad I got to play there before it does. Lia has just been informed she has until the end of the month to clear out and now urgently needs to find a new storage facility for her equipment and a new venue as well. She’s going to need a lot of friendly help, so do please visit the Silver Road Facebook page here and assist in any way you can.

Bunker And Squeak – OST Apocalypse Fundraiser, 6 Music News And Near Mint Gets Its KIT Off!


It’s Resonance 104.4FM Fundraising week once again, so why not join me and some very special guests this Saturday at 16.30 on Resonance when I’ll be hosting The OST Show in Jonny Trunk’s Kirchin-related absence? We’ll be looking ahead to ‘The Delaware Road at Kelvedon Hatch‘, a unique and immersive audio-visual extravaganza being staged by Buried Treasure Recordings on Friday July 28th, within the labyrinthine depths of a genuine nuclear bunker.


We’ll be playing music from all of the artists involved and even more importantly, we’ll be auctioning off a truly amazing bumper prize bundle for the Resonance fundraiser, the ‘Audio Apocalypse Survival Kit’: a screen-printed Tote bag made by Kvist and filled to bursting with – at last count – a whopping twenty one LPs, 7″s, CDs, cassettes plus at least one limited edition pencil. And of course they’ll be the usual rather silly competition, all adding up to an afternoon of tremendous fun – and probably tremendous chaos as well. Do join us, won’t you?


For those of you unfamiliar with Kelvedon Hatch, it is a deeply foreboding warren of corridors, offices and horribly cramped dormitory facilities that would supposedly have provided armageddon relief for an unbelievable 600 people, thus making it perfect venue for some darkside radiophonic action. And what action it promises! Just have a look at this line-up and then head here to get your early-bird tickets.


As you can see, everyone is pulling together to help raise money to keep the world’s greatest radio station on air for yet another year and there’s lots more amazing stuff up for grabs even if you do miss out on the Survival Kit. For starters, we’ve handed the keys to this week’s Near Mint to the excellent KIT Records for a very special guest mix featuring tracks from their superb back-catalogue of warped acoustics and pastoral electronica – and we’re giving you the opportunity to WIN THE LOT! There’s limited edition and super-rare vinyl, cassettes and posters up for grabs, all with Kit’s distinctive beautifully hand-made, hand-printed artwork with all proceeds being donated to Resonance. At the time of writing there are still four days left on this most covetable of bundles, so have a listen to the show and then click here to get bidding!


Not to be outdone, Manchester label Front And Follow have supplied a pile of their own goodies, including one of my favourite albums of last year in Kemper Norton’s Toll and a very rare Pye Corner Audio 12″. One the UK’s most exciting labels as far as this cat’s concerned, and I’m not just saying that because they put our the Time Attendant / Howlround split cassette The Blow vol. 2′ last year! Rumour has it vol.3 is coming soon. Wonder who will be featured this time? Anyway, click on the image below to have a bid…


And we’ve even been gifted an incredible piece of original artwork by celebrated graphic artist Zeke Clough, whose sleeves have graced releases by Planet Mu, Skull Disco – and perhaps very soon your bedroom wall! Click on the picture below to put your bid in!


Just time for some Howlround news very quickly and there was much excitement this week as Howlround were featured on BBC Radio 6Music News chatting to Elizabeth Alker about the gestation of latest LP/Film A Creak In Time. The interview went out on both the Radcliffe & Maconie show and the Sean Keaveny Breakfast show, thus providing the perfect sonic stimulus a grateful nation is most at need of during its morning cornflakes or mid-afternoon tea-break. Well, I think so, anyway. 6Music News have obligingly uploaded it onto Audioboom, so have a listen below if timely cereal and beverage consumption isn’t really your thing. And thanks again to you, Elizabeth – Howlround owes you a shandy!

Kirchin In Space And Treasure In The Bunker – Resonance FM NEEDS YOU!

Yes, it’s Resonance FM Fundraiser Week once again and the greatest radio station in the world needs your help in 2017 more than ever. There are lots of delightful items and experiences up for grabs, so do please head to the Fundraising website and give what you can. They will appreciate it and so will I – plus you get another year of truly independent and advert-free community arts broadcasting at a time when such things are a little thin on the ground!

Speaking of Resonance, here again is last week’s edition of The OST Show, in case you missed it – or perversely feel like subjecting yourself to it once more. Thanks to everyone who got involved and made it so much fun, particularly the ever-lovely engineer Sarah and all of the usual suspects who phoned in with silly answers for the competition. The show was a special double bill of Basil Kirchin and The Sounds Of Space, a combination of which I hope the great man himself would have approved. The Kirchin elements were featured in anticipation of the special events celebrating his life and work that are taking place in Hull this weekend, and were sourced from a bulging bag of Basil I’d bought with me for the occasion – including some material from a very rare LP that remains perhaps the best three pounds I ever spent.


The Space elements were audio recordings from satellites provided by my guest Dr. Martin Archer of Queen Mary University of London, on hand to announce a very special film making competition that encourages aspiring film-makers to submit works using, manipulating and remixing these mysterious sounds, with gala screenings and substantial cash prizes up for grabs. Directors and audio artists alike are warmly encouraged to discover more at They’re absolutely fascinating recordings and I can assure you there are plenty more of them to discover. We should have a scientist on the show every week!

Just as a quick preview, I can reveal that next Saturday’s OST is an all-out extravaganza in anticipation of Buried Treasure’s Delaware Road Live event taking place on July 28th, all within the labyrinthine confines of Kelvedon Hatch Nuclear Bunker. I’ll be joined by some very special guests and we’ll be auctioning off a ridiculously covetable Nuclear Bunker Audio Survival Pack to raise money for the station. More details on this to follow asap. In the meantime, head over to the Resonance fundraising page and GET DONATING!