A Creak Retimed: Brand New LP Out Now On Psyché Tropes

Hello you. I’m absolutely delighted to be able to finally announce the launch of something I’ve been keeping under my Howling Hat for quite a while: A Creak Retimed, the new collection of original tape compositions and reworks inspired by Steven McInerney’s critically acclaimed 2017 film A Creak In Time. This brand new vinyl excursion draws fresh inspiration from that work and contains original and exclusive tracks by HowlroundDan HayhurstTom White, Merkaba Macabre and Ian Helliwell. Original yes, because rather than the straightforward remix album some might have been expecting, each artist draws inspiration from the film itself rather than the soundtrack, thereby reinterpreting A Creak In Time‘s flickering and hallucinatory images in their own style  –  including my own attempt here to channel just a little bit of Pan Sonic:

The album is out now on 180g ‘Toxic Yellow’ LP, beautifully mastered and expertly cut by Rashad Becker at Dubplates and Mastering, in a limited edition of 275 + Download. Sleeve artwork is by Karl Toomey and Steven McInerney and the film component has been reworked from 16mm film reels that did not make the final cut, resulting in a zero waste film project.‍‍‍ The album actually features two Howlround tracks, the brand new composition above and a previously unreleased outtake from the original sessions – the omission of which had caused a minor fracas in the editing suite, so it’s nice to have it finally see the light of day!

And there’s much more! I love every single track on this LP, It’s a fantastic album and I’m tremendously proud to be featured on it alongside artists that I’m lucky enough to be both friends with and fans of – particularly Steve whose  boundless energy and unwavering attention to detail have made the whole thing possible. Good work, McInerney! Consider this another notch on the Psyché Tropes tomahawk!

…While we’re on the subject, let’s not forget the album that started it all: A Creak In Time, featuring Howlround’s original score, is still available, and comes as a beautifully packaged 180g LP with links to watch, listen, download and stream online. Described on its release as ‘Not Unlike Brian Eno Remixing György Ligeti’ by Electronic Sound and praised for its ‘unfathomable oceanic bleakness’ by The Wire, you may remember it was created entirely by manipulating recordings of creaking hinges made in BBC New Broadcasting House, the Mojave Ghost Town of Amboy and a log cabin in Yosemite; causing consternation and confusion to a coach load of tourists, assorted local wildlife and at least one member of the BBC’s Hausa Service in the process – though not necessarily in that order.

Much of this work was created on a single Revox machine that started smoking the last time I powered her up, but I hope you’ll agree the end result was worth any temporary threat to my health and hearth. In fact, it’s an ironic truth that this particular machine happening to be on a wheeled dolly would actually have made it doubly hard to get it out of the house in the event of it spontaneously combusting – and triply hard to throw out the window. But it’s worth all the risk to be able to be able to bring you these sounds – and remembering to periodically sniff the equipment in anticipation of singeing components is now just another part of the production process. And so in celebration of this flagrant disregard for health and safety, I thought I’d close here by once more digging out this video clip of Howlround performing a live score to A Creak In Time at last year’s Further event, just in case any of you weren’t paying attention up to now. What a beautiful mess we made!


A Creak Back In Time With SNS Online

“Those magnificent magicians of radiophonic sound, who can create a symphony from a stairwell, a concert from a creaking hinge or a gargantuan G flat from a garden gate… The possibilities are endless. Howlround – as represented by founder member, Robin The Fog – join SNS Online to discuss the extraordinary lengths they go to create the most incredible, outer-worldly sounds and music.”

Presented for your approval, a very special Howlround edition of the long-running interview podcast series SNS Online, focusing on the work of everyone’s favourite tape-loop quintet. Recorded in July 2017, shortly after the release of A Creak In Time and just before our performance at Kelvedon Hatch Nuclear Bunker as part of The Delaware Road, the show is hosted by ever-affable and relentlessly energetic Nick Randell and looks back over a short but eventful career that started back in 2012 in the basement of Bush House. Also briefly features 6Music presenter Shawn Keaveney taking the mickey, but I forgive him.

Never one for doing things by halves, such was Nick’s enthusiasm for this show that he even recorded an accompanying ‘bite-sized’ episode by joining us at live performance in our favourite South London venue Iklectik for their ‘Sonic Waterloo’ series, also in July 2017. Features contributions from our friends Steven McInerney, Pascal Savy, Janine A’Bear and many more.

The resulting interviews capture a moment in time from last summer that already feels somewhat remote, and listening back to this double-dose of tape loop action one year on, I feel there are a few things I should clear up. Firstly, while I confidently describe our output as musique concréte on the show, the intervening months have found me wondering if I actually have permission to describe the music of Howlround using that particular term after all, especially as the past year has seen the project experiment increasingly with more chance and improvisation-based forms of composition. Secondly, since then Howlround has returned to being a solo operation as my esteemed colleague in tape Chris Weaver is currently pursuing other projects – though I fully intend to brow-beat him into working together again at some point. And finally, I should emphatically confirm that Altern 8’s ‘Activ 8’ remains one of my all-time favourite records and one of the main reasons I got into music in the first place – even if their day-glo rave antics might have been a little incongruous on Top of the Pops! Such clarifications aside, thank you for having me, Mr. Nick Randell, and you can investigate the long and varied career of SNS Online in more depth on their Soundcloud page here, as well as following him on his Facebook and Twitter pages. The series is a force for good in the world and I’m certainly very proud to be joining an lineage of guests that includes Hank Marvin, Biddy Baxter MBE and Carol Decker from T’Pau!

Deliaphonic Disco Mechanisms Go Further

Very excited to announce that the Deliaphonic website is now online. You may remember that Howlround played at the inaugural Deliaphonic event in Coventry Cathedral back in 2017, in celebration of what would have been legendary composer Delia Derbyshire’s 80th birthday. Joining us on the bill that night were Delia’s former colleague Dr. Peter Zinovieff, Pete ‘Sonic Boom’ Kember, Hannah Peel, Mr. Jerry Dammers and of course Resonance FM’s own Jonny Trunk, who provided a rare screening of the Delia-soundtracked film Circle Of Light. A truly memorable evening, now documented in the excellent accompanying film These Machines Haven’t Finished, made by Anti/Type Films, and featuring cameos from all of the personnel involved in the 2017 event, as well as contributions from renown Delia experts Dr. David Butler and Delia Derbyshire Day lynchpin Caro C. Take an hour off now and watch it – it’s superb!

An outstanding work from our hosts The Tin Music and Arts in collaboration with Synthcurious. The composer’s legacy is clearly in safe hands! Howlround’s Coventry Cathedral performance can also be experienced in full below. Hard to believe this was just a year ago, the sound has changed a lot since!

Moving slap-bang into the present now, with news of the next Howlround live show on Thursday 13th September at Homemade Disco, taking place at Paper Dress Vintage in London’s Hackney Central. Rather last minute as Howlround are a late addition to the bill, but glad to be part of a super line-up, including Bass Clef, Elephant House and Rosen. See you there and then!

In yet more Howlround news (and I swear I occasionally do other stuff as well), the latest in the series of compilations from the ever-reliable label/blog/publishing house A Year In The Country will shortly to be available for pre-order. The Quietened Mechanisms features exclusive tracks from the label’s constantly expanding roster of friends and associates, featuring stalwart contributors such as Grey Frequency, Keith Seatman, Time Attendant and The Heartwood Institute plus much more. There’s also brand new Howlround track ‘A Closed Circuit’, which I must say is cut from a rather more abrasive cloth than previous offerings to the series. Told you a lot’s happened in the last year!

The album is an exploration of abandoned and derelict industry, infrastructure, technology and equipment that once upon a time helped to create, connect and sustain society. It wanders amongst deserted factories, discarded machinery, closed mines, mills and kilns and their echoes and remains; taking a moment or two to reflect on these once busy, functioning centres of activity and the sometimes sheer scale or amount of effort and human endeavour that was required to create and operate such structures and machines, many of which are now just left to fade away.

My copy has arrived already, and I’ve been playing very little else all week – these themed compilations from A Year In The Country just keep getting better with each release. I’m not sure what you call the opposite of a ‘nadir’, but I reckon this label might be getting close to finding out! Available to pre-order here from September 11th.

And finally, a quick heads-up about the next FURTHER event bought to you by Strictly Kev and Pete Williams, taking place on Saturday September 15th at the Portico Gallery in West Norwood. Featuring psychedelic audio visual delights from DJ Food’s O is for Orange, his highly regarded immersive AV tribute to Boards Of Canada, The Karminsky Experience and Markey Funk performing live, plus the usual dazzling action Pete Williams on the 1s and 2s (how that man avoids being mugged for the contents of his record bag at these events, I’ll never know). All this and a cornucopia of eye-popping film projections, colour wheels, slideshows and delicious home-cooked food and I believe there might even be a pop-up record stall in action on the night, courtesy of The Book And Record Bar round the corner. Tickets and further information here

You might remember that Howlround performed our first ever live score to the Psyché Tropes’ film A Creak In Time at the inaugural Further back in 2017 – the day after Deliaphonic as coincidence would have it. Two performances at two inaugural events in two days – the marketing practically writes itself! In celebration of this fact, I thought I’d close by digging out the short film the Further team made of our performance on that very special night. Here it is:

Whomp Whomp, Wubba Wubba…

Presenting for your delectation, an extract from last Sunday’s headlining Howlround set at the Gallery 46 event Liminality [Cacophony]. Presented here with hanks to Mr. Johny Brown, Dolly Dolly, Inga Tillere, the Holy Joy players, Time Attendant, DJ Tendraw, Bjorn Hatleskog, Kevin Quigley, Nad Spiro and of course Mr. Psyché Tropes himself, Steven McInerney. A splendid time was had by all. Recorded in one take – no edits, no overdubs, no surrender, no survivors!


Liminality, Cacophony, Sesame

Excited to announce that Howlround will be performing this Sunday, 19th August as part of Liminality [Cacophony], a three-day festival of performances and installations at Gallery 46 in Whitechapel, curated by Sean McLusky, Kevin Quigley and Bjørn Hatleskog, with special guest Johny Brown. Part of an amazing line-up of performances and installations across the three days, including Vic Goddard, Rothko, Stephanie Horak and my old sparring partner Time Attendant to name but a few. I’m using the opportunity to test out some new ‘Tape Loop Techno’ that I’ve been working on over the past few weeks, so I might end up giving the venue’s PA system a bit of a testing as well! Howlround will also be taking part in the Friday leg of a performance of a new work, The Hours: A Play For The New Man, written by Johny Brown and performed by himself and Dolly Dolly, along with the usual eye-popping visuals from Inga Tillere. Come for the evening, stay for the weekend! 
Presenting new works of live art performance / performance installation / experimental music and works of durational performance. LIMINALITY and GALLERY 46 are bringing together artists and musicians that carve out unique corners of creativity, new modes of making art and music [CACOPHONY] 3 days of performance and installations, exploring the connecting strident loops of new music-performance while exposing the overlapping layers that veil the unfolding performance – the anticipation, the live-ness and the surprise. Throughout 10 spaces on 3 floors of GALLERY 46 / LIMINALITY will create – a new concert of ideas – a cacophony of performance. 
The gallery will be open 12 noon – 11pm each day with a full program of durational works and performance plus workshops and casual talks with artists in situ developing their works throughout.

In other news, the Sesame Street Special edition of Resonance FM’s OST Show, presented a couple of weeks back by myself and DJ Food is now online and available for your streaming pleasure. Two solid hours of CTW Funk, Muppet Madness and Sesame Psychedelia, much of it never released, which has been going down a storm with crate-diggers young and old. If you haven’t heard it yet, click below. If you have, click below anyway for a second helping. Thoroughly enjoyed putting this show together and thanks to everyone who got in touch and shared their own favourite Sesame moments over the years. The ‘Capital I‘ song appears to have brought back quite a few memories!

Roosevelt Franklin: Right-on dude on string-bean connoisseur

In other news, I’m thoroughly enjoying tree little milk egg book…and other non sequiturs, the new album from The Twelve Hour Foundation on the ever-reliable Castles in Space label. Twelve slices of groovy radiophonic pop and abstract sonic experimentation on gorgeous splatter vinyl, it’s Jez and Polly’s finest work to date. Super limited though, you’d be advised to grab a copy quickly while stocks last.

Twelve Hour Foundation Artwork

Recorded and produced following their triumphant set at last year’s Delaware Road event in Kelvedon Hatch Nuclear Bunker (you remember!), the album’s shiny-button synth melodies, vocoder voices and tick-tock percussion give it the feeling of a particularly benign institution, while the echoes of Radiophonic pioneers such as Paddy Kingsland and John Baker puts me in mind of some imagined soundtrack to a particularly funky episode of Chockablock for hipster toddlers. This is in every way a compliment, I swear watching that show as a child is the reason I’ve turned out so well…

The OST Show Sesame Street Special With DJ Food – Saturday 28th July!

Hello you. It’s been several weeks since I last updated these pages, but certainly not because of any lack of activity around these parts. I’ve been off producing podcasts in Croatia, Normandy, Sweden, Brompton Cemetery (slightly closer to home, that one), a Book of the Week for Radio 4, an animation soundtrack in which I desperately attempted to make a spider’s snoring sound convincing and I even headed down to Brighton to perform a live DJ score to the classic Night of the Living Dead: Reanimated. Phew. All tremendously stimulating, but leaving precious little time to write any of it down. But I did want to bring your attention to this coming Saturday on Resonance FM, in which myself and Strictly Kev, better known as DJ Food will be presenting The OST Show in regular host Jonny Trunk’s absence. It’s going to be a Sesame Street Special, to mark almost exactly a decade since my first OST Muppet odyssey and 14 years since Kev’s first appearance on the show – when he was promoting his now cult-classic lost mixtape D is for Dig. The above image is the original mock-up of the cover that he’s dug out for the occasion and it makes me smile every single time I look at it!

There are killer jams aplenty from Roosevelt Franklin, The Pointer Sisters, Oscar, Bert and even some way out sounds from Little Chrissy and The Alphabeats. Plus listen out for guest appearances by Ray Charles, Max Roach, Grace Slick, Pete Seeger, Morgan Freeman and the great Jim Henson himself. Come and play, won’t you?

Saturday 28th July, 16.30-18.30, Resonance 104.4FM in London or worldwide via ResonanceFM.com. See you there!

Electrolights AV And All The Anthems

Hello you. This week marked a rare foray into the world of competitive sport, more specifically football (or soccer, depending on your geographical location and levels of pedantry). As a chap hailing from the land of Carlisle United, such engagement does not happen often. Generally the closest I come to ever bothering with football is avoiding South Bermondsey like the plague whenever Millwall are chucking out. But regardless of this, the fact remains that last Tuesday I was called upon to produce something special for BBC Radio 4’s coverage of the 2018 World Cup – and though I say it myself, I didn’t disappoint. Stick around for the whole thing and you’ll notice it changing and evolving over the two minute duration as the shorter pieces drop away, allowing for some of the longer anthems to be gradually distinguished. Incidentally, the sharp-eared amongst you may notice that the English National Anthem crashes out almost immediately…

Thanks to everyone who came down to Howlround’s recent shows in North London, on the two hottest, stickiest nights of the year and to Sam Enthoven and Johny Brown for the invitations, not forgetting my sparring partner Time Attendant. I can now reveal that our next live show will be on Wednesday 20th at Rye Wax in Peckham Rye, courtesy of Lia Mice and the lates in her series of Electrolights AV events.

Cannot WAIT for this one, it’s another killer line up! Plus I’m having to dash there on the evening from both a recording session AND teaching an evening class in Lambeth, so by the time I arrive I should be totally ready to jump on the machines and let off some steam.  But hopefully not literally this time – I still haven’t forgiven Daphne for exploding live on stage at St. Johns last year…..

Speaking of evening classes, pop down to the Gallery at Morley College in Lambeth this week to admire some of the Sound Art works on display, including a handful of works from my own students. There’s some impressive work to discover, including this interpretation of Alvin Lucier’s classic ‘I Am Sitting In A Room’ produced with students from my Sound Sculpture class. Good work, team. At the Gallery until 14th June.

Morley Gallery.JPG

Also surfacing this week, a most interesting idea courtesy of Fons Moers, that appeared to gain a gratifying amount of traction of Twitter:

At the time of writing, the powers that be are remaining quiet on the subject, but for the record I’m totally up for it. Apart from the whole Radiophonic Workshop legacy, I’ve got an awful lot of my own happy memories of time spent in Maida Vale with the BBC Drama Department. If memory serves, some of my notable roles in studio MV6 included a chimpanzee attacking a Range Rover, a cow being milked and even a Baked Alaska. Besides, who wouldn’t relish the chance to get a few more loops down that endless corridor one last time? Thanks to Fons and everyone else who got behind the idea!

And finally, this happened. But Mum’s the word for now:

Howlround at Transition

Photo by Mike Harding