Hauntology For Fukushima, Cafe Oto, 15/08/11

Put the date of Monday August 15th in your diary now. Then underline it heavily. Then put a circle round it and add a couple of stars.

Why? Well, because as part of Michiro Endo, Otomo Yoshihide and Ryoichi Wago’s Project Fukushima! festival, Cafe Oto and Resonance FM are hosting Jonny Trunk’s Hauntological Orchestra live and in concert, with all proceeds going to help those at the epicentre of the recent crisis in Japan. Trunk will be joined in his endeavours by a veritable cavlacade of talent including members of lounge quartet The Windsors, radiophonic genius Stefan Blomeier, Oramics researcher Chris Weaver, synth builder Ben Barwise, and others including a small support role by my Foggy self on ‘processed field recordings’ (yes, that would involve a laptop, cleverdick). Rumour has it there’ll be about 15 of us altogether for the final piece, playing a mixture of home-made, electronic, and acoustic instruments and even a vibraphone!

The playlist is a closely-guarded secret, but apparently will include some sort of interpretation of this:

I really, really hope that guy shows up.

Most importantly of all, however is that all proceeds are going to the very worthy cause of ‘Project Fukushima!’, about which you can read more here.  As Resonance FM director Ed Baxter says: “The Orchestra doesn’t remotely pretend to – and probably shouldn’t – offer anything resembling a pertinent commentary on Fukushima. We can empathise and state our solidarity – and we can send the people of Fukushima our money and our prayers.” Well spoken, sir.

In summary, a fantastic line-up, a worthy cause and one of London’s finest alternative venues. Please do come along and show your support if you can. And try not to do any rioting while you’re there…


Author: Robin The Fog

Sound Artist, Radio Producer, DJ, founder and chief strategist of tape-loop proejct Howlround. Devout Catalyst.

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