Factual Uncertainties: Don’t Panic, Peacock!

“100% of all lottery-winners gain weight”

For those of you unfamiliar with writer, illustrator, broadcaster and fortune-cookie-making philosophiser Leila Peacock, here is a picture of her voicebox:

voice box 6

“Cats cannot see the colour blue”

If by any chance that voicebox does look familiar, it could well be that you’ve heard it before, as we worked on a couple of pieces together for Radiophonic Creation Day 2011, which can be found on the Radio page of this site. But right now I want to draw your attention to her latest work, entitled ‘Factual Uncertainties’, currently being featured on the German arm of the Don’t Panic! website.

don't panic logo“Clicking on this logo doesn’t achieve much”

The actual page can be viewed here in all it’s attractively-designed glory. I must say the good folk of Don’t Panic really do know how to make an nice-looking webpage. And their pictures don’t have silly grey borders that I can’t remove around them. Anyway, I’ve included the audio here, for your convenience. It’s about 18 minutes long and contains some very peculiar nuggets indeed, so grab your ear-goggles and pop the kettle on:

A development of a piece performed at the Voidhaus, Berlin in July 2011 entitled ‘Digressions in Diagrammar’. A voice reads from a list of reliably unreliable ‘facts’. It’s a poetry of lists, (mis)information as entertainment, instruction-manual hypnosis. In this era of the over-informed, you learn something useless everyday.

With sound design by Robin Warren (Resonance FM)

I may or may not be loosely affiliated with Mr. Warren. All I will say is that I don’t mind some of his work…

“The World-Record for not blinking is 11 minutes”

i only have eyes for you...

“29% of people like to make car-noises when they drive”


Author: Robin The Fog

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