A Fistula Dollars

A video discovered on the internet. Two inappropriately dressed women from the north of England are standing in an expensive but sparse-looking kitchen, pretending to drink from impractical square cups. Presumably the director has asked them pass the time by ad-libbing, which would explain the following rapier-sharp exchange that pulls no punches and transports the unsuspecting viewer right into the midst of a white-hot drama rich in narrative and characterisation:

Girl 1: You’ll never guess where I’ve been today.
Girl 2: Where’ve you been, then?
Girl 1: I went to the shops and bought some nice skirt.
Girl 2: Did you? Did you spend a lot on it?
Girl 1: No, it were a right bargain.
Girl 2: Was it now?
Girl 1: Yeah.
(Knock at door)
Girl 2: Are you expecting someone?
Girl 1: As it happens, I AM expecting someone.

(After that it all gets a bit unpleasant)

Why am I mentioning all this? Because it’s time for another helping of Chips!

Ben, Clare, Scott and Michael at home yesterday. Mini Pops not in picture.

Yes indeed, everyone’s favourite freak-pop avante-garde funk mentalists have a brand new single out this week and it’s a corker. ‘Fistula’ and it’s B-side ‘Mobility Plaza’ were both recorded in a basement in Chicago by the legendary Bobby Conn, have received airings on BBC 6Music, and are available now on 7″ single and/or three-track digital download. Three-track? Oh yes, because customers will be happy to receive an extra digital bonus track with their purchase, a remix of Fistula by a certain Robin The Fog, which will hopefully sweeten the deal still further. In fact, here it is now:


Available now from Parlour Records and I would imagine all the usual places such as Rough Trade, i-tunes and what have you. And don’t forget to attend the single launch party at Power Lunches in London’s fashionable Dalston on 17th May, along with two other excellent bands, METHODISTCENTRE (homoerotic street punks) and EARL SHILTON (black metal). To avoid confusion I’d like to point out that this event will NOT be at lunchtime, it will kicking off at 19.30 or thereabouts in the evening. Just wanted to clear that up.

See you there. Make sure you wear a nice skirt.


Author: Robin The Fog

Sound Artist, Radio Producer, DJ, founder and chief strategist of tape-loop proejct Howlround. Devout Catalyst.

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