A Very Good Plus

I've decided lighting from below in this manner makes everything look more significant...
I’ve decided lighting from below in this manner makes everything look more significant…

In the recent dramatic whirlwind of trips to Brighton, clandestine visits to the bowels of the British Library, finishing my new series for Resonance FM (coming soon) and of course my current day job of pretending to be a tree, teapot or set of creaking bedsprings at the behest of Radio 4;  I totally forgot to mention the very exciting development in this month’s Record Collector magazine:


A very complimentary review by Mark Brend, who praises the album’s ‘aural ectoplasm’ and awards it FOUR STARS! That’s one more than Flying Lotus and two more than Mick Hucknall!  An accolade that, according to the other reviews in the issue puts me on an equal footing for the first and quite possibly final time with such luminaries as 10cc and Cradle of Filth. Praise indeed.

Mark also has a new book out ‘The Sound Of Tomorrow: How Electronic Music Was Smuggled Into The Mainstream’, recently published by Bloomsbury. Currently essential bedtime reading here at Foggy Mansions, I highly recommend you click here and get your order in. Actually, finish reading this bit first. Then click.

I should also say a huge thank you to Joseph Stannard, Kemper Norton and Silver Pyre for making last week’s Outer Church event in Brighton such a great night. I have taken the liberty of uploading my rustic and bucolic DJ set, which has been gaining some admiring glances from the late-comers, the stragglers and of course those poor fools who neglected to drop everything else and jump on a train:

In other news, my sources tell me that the third and quite possibly final pressing of ‘The Ghosts Of Bush‘ is almost upon us – I’m just waiting for the delivery. All being well, those of you who blinked while the first two pressings went on sale will be able to get a special delivery in time for the festive season and therefore enjoy a white Christmas, that being the colour of this edition’s vinyl. Almost as if I planned it. Which of course I didn’t.

I can also confirm that plans are currently afoot for a live ‘Ghosts’ performance during the festive season, in collaboration with Resonance FM’s Chris Weaver. For those of you who might be tempted to enquire how the bloody hell that’s going to work, the simple answer is: ‘At this stage I have absolutely no idea’. All I can tell you is that I spent most of this weekend locked in a studio in Eltham surrounded by a number of tape machines in varying states of decay, including one particular unit that, in a decidedly spooky twist, started running entirely by itself and then caught started smoking. Not to mention the tumultuous death of Isaac Newton. Very sad, and really very confusing…


…And the really crazy thing is that I found an ancient apple core trapped in the poor machine’s spools. What a nightmare of symbolism. Perhaps someone’s trying to tell me that it’s time to knock all this ghostly tape action on the head?

Well, apologies to the spirit world, but I have a deadline to meet. Though I realise that’s a poor choice of words…


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