Looking Good, Feeling Great Episode 3 – A Peculiar Kind Of Emptiness

Good morning, my fine beauty. You’ve probably already had the feeling you may experience over the next few minutes – What are these people talking about?

Looking Good, Feeling Great Rainbow Final with Text Glow GREEN

In other words, welcome to one of my top hits. This week’s show will be just like a rock concert, except it won’t have the singers, the instruments and the crowd noise is ‘kinda missing’ too. It’s disappointingly sad. Are you beginning to understand? It sure covers a lot of material in one place, doesn’t it?

[audio http://archive.org/download/LookingGoodFeelingGreatEpisodeThree-APeculiarKindOfEmptiness/LookingGoodFeelingGreatEp03-APeculiarKindOfEmptiness.mp3]

(Or follow this link for the download)

That’s awesome. You’re very smart. But it will sound strange to you. Let me give you a frosty drink from my thermos. Hopefully this will make you feel free and fulfilled as a woman.

sex for teens
[insert joke about ‘twelve inches’ here, woof, snargle etc…]
This week’s missive slams together two diamentrically-opposed LPs into a titanic soundclash. The first is Stanley Z. Daniels’ 1969 LP ‘Sex For Teens – Where It’s At’. The second is one of the most astonishing cultural artefacts I’ve ever had the pleasure of dropping a jaw over: 

GIRLS: Very Easy

 If you can listen to Paul’s efforts to convince the object of his desires to spread sun-tan oil on his back without your own skin crawling you’re more of an alpha-male than I am.

There’s also a Green Goddess disco workout record bank-rolled by Renault Trucks. Listening to it, it’s hard to believe anyone born before 1992 would have the slightest idea of what sex was, let alone require instruction regarding where it was ‘at’ or how to easily pick it up.

Quite hard work - The Green Goddess
Quite hard work – The Green Goddess lets the clutch out

OK, that’s probably enough staring at the Green Goddess for now. Many thanks to ace record collector and soundtrack obsessive Mr. Jonny White for pointing me in the direction of some of this week’s treasures. To show our gratitude, let’s all head over to his super blog, ‘Soundtracks, Library Music and All That Jazz’, shall we? I knew you’d come running for it. Tune in again next week for the final episode in the current series when things get REALLY unpleasant – we’ll be learning how to relax. The results are almost unlistenable…


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