Howlround’s Great Escapade

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Thanks to everyone who came down to Howlround’s debut live performance on the Resonance FM stage (or to be more accurate just in front of it) at The Great Escape Festival in Brighton on Saturday. The full thirty-minute performance will be aired on Resonance on 25th May as part of a full and generous line-up of all the performances that took place on their stage across the three days of the festival. You’ll be pleased to know that Monday 25th just happens to be a Bank Holiday, allowing you to enjoy the entire day’s programming uninterrupted, as I’ve no doubt you will.

As it happened my aforementioned trepidation at taking a number of heavy-yet-fragile, reliable-yet-unpredictable reel-to-reel machines and conducting an entirely improvised performance using a tangled mass of tape loops proved mercifully unfounded. While our previous day’s rehearsal had been an orgy of tape snarling and loops snapping, our equipment performed it’s duties on the big day competently and with a minimum of fuss. Indeed, after so many years of sitting forgotten at the back of studios, being used as door stops or catching fire, our Revoxes positively thrived with all the attention. All of which should bode well for our subsequent live performances later in the year, about which details will follow in due course.

Special thanks to Larry Gale for the marvellous picture above and also to the Resonance FM Sharpie, for being the most useful pen ever:


Author: Robin The Fog

Sound Artist, Radio Producer, DJ, founder and chief strategist of tape-loop proejct Howlround. Devout Catalyst.

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