Haunted Air – Tasmanian Radiophonics


Very excited (and rather late!) in announcing my participation (albeit in a slightly remote manner) in a  special broadcast from Tasmania today (Sunday 2nd June at 16.00-17.30-pm local time – which for my UK posse  is the moderately unholy hour of 7am).

RADIOPHONY : HAUNTED AIR is a programme of soundworks being broadcast simultaneously from the Cast Gallery, North Hobart, Tasmania and nine radio stations across the world; and is curated by Julia Drouhin, who you might remember as one of the masterminds behind ‘Radiophonic Creation Day’ a couple of years ago (alongside Coraline Janvier -also exhibiting here). Julia describes the event as ‘a call to think about the aesthetic issues of creative airwaves as a ghosted space occupying radio waves. We usually ignore that space even if it’s all around us. How dead air can be a wireless vehicle for the human psyche? Sound recording practice questions space and time perception, built on personal subjectivity, social schematics, and chemistry. Crossing fields of energy gives an opportunity to touch immateriality and invisibility. Listening to a space is not natural. We are used to seeing things, we can close our eyes, but we can’t close our ears. Permanently immersed into the sound of everything, our brain selects the noise. It’s interesting to learn how to listen : the inaudible becomes audible. RADIOPHONY : HAUNTED AIR creates a gap between live and dead air and will stimulate the magick but often forgotten radiophonic space’.

RADIOPHONY : HAUNTED AIR has invited 20 artists from France, UK, Brazil, Argentina and Australia: Frédéric Acquaviva (FR), Sébastien Béranger(FR), Dinah Bird (UK), Colin Black (AUS), Andrea Cohen (ARG), Beatriz Ferreyra (ARG), Michel Guillet (FR), Idiot Lust (AUS), Coraline Janvier(FR), Wayn Malm (AUS), NOUS (Annabelle Blin + Joël Riff) (FR), Joachim Montessuis(FR), Philippe F. Roux (FR), Gaël Segalen (FR), Aymeric de Tapol (FR), Dudu Tsuda (BRA), Valérie Vivancos (FR), Robin The Fog (UK), Gregory Whitehead (USA).

The programme will be broadcast simultaneously from the Cast Gallery and nine radio stations across the world: Edge Radio (Hobart, Tasmania),  Radio Papesse (Italy), Radio Patapoe (Amsterdam, Netherlands),  Soundart Radio (Devon, UK), TEA FM (Zaragoza, Spain), Radio Campus Paris ( France), Radio Campus Rennes ( France), Radio Panik (Brussels, Belgium), Radiolab (United States), Mobile Radio (workshop in Sweden), Radio ? (Ougadougou, Burkina Faso). That pretty much covers the globe as far as our purposes are concerned.

For my part I’m contributing a slightly remixed version of some of my favourite loops from ‘Ghosts Of Bush’ and I’m very proud to be in such fine company!  What better way for my UK friends to kick off a Sunday morning lie in? Or for those of you further afield, perhaps something to enjoy with a nice Sunday brunch? More details including the full schedule and participant biographies can be found here. Thanks to Julia and the Cast Gallery for asking me to participate and apologies as ever for just copy and pasting much of this from their website. But time is not on our side!  Plus I’m writing it while simultaneously trying to keep a BBC Cantonese programme on air and hoping nobody will notice.  The very programme whose signature tune opens ‘Ghosts Of Bush’ and gives it those lovely bass frequencies.  What marvellous synergy!

POST-SCRIPT: Synergy be damned, it turned out I was completely wrong about the timings as I noticed that UK participant Soundart Radio 102.5FM in Devon broadcasting it this afternoon. It would appear, then, that when they said ‘simultaneously’ they meant whenever your locality reached 1600 on Sunday 2nd June. Not to worry, though, I believe podcasts will soon be available for those who missed out.

You see? This is why I need a manager…


Author: Robin The Fog

Sound Artist, Radio Producer, DJ, founder and chief strategist of tape-loop proejct Howlround. Devout Catalyst.

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