Still Whirling

Amazing photo by Lisa Hack who also took the Ghosts Of Bush cover

Unprecedented thanks to the many people who sent such positive feedback after hearing the debut of Whirled Service on Late Junction last Thursday.  I’m afraid I was sound asleep with a severe case of ‘Nightshift Punch-Drunk’ syndrome, so it’s gratifying to know it went off without too many hitches.  In case you missed it too there are still five days at the time of writing to catch up by clicking here. After that, who knows what will happen to the project? We’ve had a number of enquiries as to whether it’s going to receive a vinyl release and the answer at the moment is a strong and hearty ‘not sure’. It all rather depends on a few factors.  In the meantime I thought I’d upload one of the original demos that didn’t make the final cut for various reasons FAR too tedious to go into here. Perhaps it will shed some light on the creative process. Then again, perhaps not:

In other exciting news, I’m very happy to be featured on the current edition of Boomkat’s excellent ‘14 Tracks’ series of download compilations. The selection, entitled ‘Eldritch Electronics‘ also features Young Echo, Carter Tutti, Eyeless in Gaza and Grumbling Fur, so I’m in good company! Click on the link above to find out more.

I’m writing these words having just arrived back in Belgrade where I shall be joining my friends at Camenzind in celebrating the launch of their fantastic architecture magazine’s second issue and also the launch of the second Howlround LP Secret Songs Of Savamala amid the ruins of the very building that inspired it. The launch party takes place on Wednesday 4th September at The Spanish House, Savamala, Belgrade.  All are warmly welcomed, assuming you either live here or can get a cheap flight. This will also mark he first time that I’ve ever taken sounds from a space and then put them back into it – a personal triumph!

Last week some of you may have received a long-overdue ‘mailshot‘ which featured news of the release of this second Howlround LP on strictly limited edition of 300 black vinyl with no represses. I included a link for those wanting to pre-order a copy at the early-bird price of a mere £10 and much to my surprise, the aforementioned faithful proceeded to literally bite my arm off. The upshot is that I’m now in the position to advise those of you still wishing to purchase a copy not to dilly-dally on the way. Click here to avoid disappointment. It’s softened the blow of the fact that due to a slip-up at the pressing plant I’ve arrived for the launch party without the finished product. Just a slightly battered test pressing. Ah, well.

I’m not even going to proof-read, just click ‘publish’. Then I think maybe an early night…


Author: Robin The Fog

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