Going Postal

It’s hard to believe that after months of planning, cutting, splicing, and editing, swearing at photoshop, agonising over test pressings and pestering friends and trusted advisors for assurances that this whole project wasn’t a gigantic mistake; the vinyl LP Secret Songs Of Savamala is finally out today.

Well, it was actually yesterday if we’re going to be picky, as I’ve only just got back from my inaugural visit to the  Post Office.  No time to rest on those laurels, the album has incredibly sold more than half of it’s stock on pre-order alone and today has been spent shipping freshly minted vinyl all over the world, from London to Dundee, The USA,  Portugal, Norway, Germany, Poland and even a house on Eureka Terrace, which sounds like a truly fantastic place to live.  Unfortunately I failed to take into account that it was  pension day and so performed these tasks to a backdrop of continuous tutting from a queue of griping oldsters  that had transformed into a sort of depressing conga line by the time I’d got my first consignment safely through the hatch. Negotiations are currently well underway to arrange some proper distribution and let the old folk alone, but for the time being it’s just me and my trolley. So if your record doesn’t turn up immediately, please exercise patience. I’ll be sending the download edition to all my customers in the next few days, so that should give you something to listen to during your impatient vigil by the letterbox.

If your vigil happens to be occurring close to the internet, I’d also like to draw your attention to the above video. You’ll have noticed it contains highlights from Howlround’s performance at the FON Festival back in July which was sent to us by festival organisers The Octopus Collective last week. See how earnest we look and marvel at the skill with which we handle those clunky great reels – though thankfully the bit where I somehow get tangled has been edited out.  They’ve asked us to promote the video through our ususal channels and wagered us that we can’t beat ‘reigning FON Vimeo Champion’ Hildur Gudnadottir. I HAVE to win that bet. There’s no money, I just really want to be a champion at something. Please watch it ten times. We also have an audio clip from the same performance for added value:

Oh, and did we mention Howlround are currently looking for venues and promoters who would be interested in booking us throughout 2014? Our turn last week at the London Analogue Festival got us hungry for more! Email your list of demands  to robinthefog at gmail dot com and perhaps follow the UK’s only improvised tape-loop quartet on Twitter while you’re at it.

Right, back to the Post Office first thing. Best turn in…


Author: Robin The Fog

Sound Artist, Radio Producer, DJ, founder and chief strategist of tape-loop proejct Howlround. Devout Catalyst.

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