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Rather a hurried post this evening as I have been given strict instructions to ensure tonight’s Cottage Pie doesn’t burn and it’s rather tricky to write and watch for signs of imminent crust-browning simultaneously. So I’ll keep it mercifully brief and begin by drawing your attention to a decidedly postive review of our recent performance at The Kirkcaldy Testing Museum (along with Oscillatorial Binnage) in this month’s issue of The Wire:


Wire Out Here - Dec 2013 Review
Oscillatorial Binnage in action: L-R Dan Wilson, Toby Clarkson and, er, someone who isn’t in the band…

A great big thank you to Louise Gray for her support and encouraging words. Hopefully this bodes well for our performance at Kings Place on Sunday December 8th, where we’ll be unveiling a brand new and exclusive one-time-only live performance, featuring 100% previously unheard material. A full HOUR’s worth, providing our machines (and our audience!) can take it. There’s a Facebook Event Page here for those of you so inclined.


In other news I’m very pleased to have made a small contribution to the first issue of a new digital zine entitled Wyrd Daze, the brainchild of writer, musician and blogger Leigh Wright, often known as The Ephemeral Man. An Englishman abroad with a finger firmly on the pulse, Wyrd Daze Issue 1 is literally crammed to bursting with brand new and exclusive content, including writing, music, artwork and film, all available in one hefty-yet-managable download.

For my own contribution I’ve put together a 40-odd minute Wyrdmix which is included amongst many other delights in the download. It’s perhaps a departure from the nature of my usual mixtapes, but does consist largely of current tracks that I’m very excited about, with an extra smattering of older tracks that I haven’t stopped being very excited about yet. Other than that there’s video, short films, photography, comics, illustration, stories a 5-track EP of exclusive tracks from Wyrd-Daze approved artists and  lots more besides. It’s basically an embarrassment of riches for a paltry sum, and who honestly wouldn’t like a little more of the former and a little less of the latter in these straightened times?


As Leigh himself puts it ‘There’s a great community of independent artists creating extraordinary things, and Wyrd Daze is a way to bring some of this work together as a communal celebration of this creativity. The zine is available via a subscription of 5 Canadian dollars, which is about £3, which is a very small amount considering the wealth of content in the Wyrd Daze download, and the aim is to raise a revenue with subscriptions with which to pay artists for original work for the zine – a worthy cause, I feel’.

I agree as I’m sure you will. For those of you hungry to learn more, Leigh has put together an online Sampler of Issue 1 and the accompanying Podcast. He’s also very keen to source all kinds of material for future issues, be it writing, drawing, artwork, music, video, and is encouraging submissions via the Wyrd Daze website. As of yet all proceeds from subscriptions are to be ploughed back into the magazine, but Leigh is confident that as word spreads he will be able to generate enough revenue from subscriptions to properly remunerate his contributors.  In the meantime some considerable exposure in some talented company is hardly something to be sniffed at.

Speaking of sniffing at things, I think I’m going to have to sign off and go put that Cottage Pie out. Mumsie will not be pleased…


Author: Robin The Fog

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