Don’t Be A Monster Criminal, Go Mash: Two Near Mints For The Price Of One!

The latest episode of Resonance FM’s Near Mint show comes to you courtesy of Bob Corsi, commander in chief of the quite fabulous Penny Records. After our special of a few week’s back focusing on the label’s series of compilations such as Monster Mash and Don’t Be Square, Go Ape!, he sent us over a very special mixtape focusing on another side of the label’s output, Italian crime soundtracks. And it’s a thing of wonder!

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To paraphrase the man himself, ‘Criminale is a cinematic trip into the world of 70s italian crime movies through library music and soundtrack cues. Many of these tracks were included in the four volumes of Penny Record’s Criminale vinyl series. It also includes tracks from Amore Tossico (the label’s latest release) and some italian movie classic cuts’. It’s deep, it’s dark and it’s just a little bit dirty and we’re chuffed to bits with it. As you will be too, I’ll wager. Here’s the tracklisting in full:

Armando Sciascia – Circuito Chiuso
Lesiman – Milano 72
Amedeo Tommasi – Effetto di tensione
Ugo Busoni, Paolo Ferrara, Massimo Di Cicco -Rullio
Pietro Montanari – Lupin
Gerardo Iacoucci – Violenza
Detto Mariano – M6 – Affannosa ricerca di un limone
Alessandro Alessandroni – Corruzione al vertice
Stelvio Cipriani – Danger Flight Zone
Franco Tamponi/Stefano Torossi/Sandro Brugnolini/Massimo Catalano – Fuorilegge
Lee Selmoco – Chemin De Fer
Ennio Morricone & Rita Monico – Thrilling
Giorgio e Franco Bracardi – Il pozzo e il pendolo N° 5

We’re so delighted with Bob’s contribution to the show that I’m throwing in the first Penny Records special from earlier this month for good measure. This is an especially good idea as I seem to remember not originally posting it on these pages as I was dying of the plague at the time. It’s a heady combination of monsters, apes, wild men, a gay caballero and the only documented incident of an ancient Mummy encountering a Beatnik.

The Revels – Midnight Stroll
Dave Bartholomew – The Monkey
The Ebonettes – Wild Man Walk
The Cadets – Stranded in the Jungle
Bert Convy – The Gorilla
Nervous Norvus – Ape Call
Bob McFadden & Dor – The Mummy
The Rivingtons – Mama-Oom-Mow-Mow (The Bird)
Shirley Gunter & The Flairs – Ipsie Opsie Ooh
Hadda Brooks – Jump Back Honey
Janis Martin – Cracker Jack
The Chips – Rubber Bisquit
Billy Byrd & His Penguins – Boom Pacha Boom

Probably best to consume both programmes in a single sitting. And then go visit your local record emporium and bag as many Penny titles as you can find. Sadly they go for quite a bit more than that in actuality…



Author: Robin The Fog

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