April Spool! Howlround Split And Hello Goodbye Hilarity

Hello You. I must begin this week with something of an apology to those who apparently got very, very excited at an announcement on Howlround’s Twitter and Facebook feeds over the weekend, purporting to unveil the cover artwork for some imminent masterwork:


I am now forced to confess that this was merely a piece of April Fools japery, cooked up on my kitchen table when I should really have been doing something more productive (ie. some actual cooking). I had assumed the giveaways would be obvious – the rather sloppy execution, the fact that London Overground would almost certainly have given me a kicking for the blatant misappropriation of their logo, the laughable implication that any long-suffering London commuter would actually choose to increase the number of times they have to hear that deathlessly glib and pointless phrase ‘SEE IT, SAY IT, SORTED!’ in the space of half an hour. And yet within minutes of uploading this piece of light-hearted whimsy, I started getting messages from all over asking when would it be out and could they get a pre-order, and would I include a lock of my hair with the first 50 copies like Aphex Twin did that one time?

Alright, that last one might have been an exaggeration (besides, I’m saving what remains of my forelock for the Royal Wedding), but I do hope my foolish antics didn’t cause too much offence. More troublingly, I also now realise such japery might have detracted from the 100% genuine and accurate announcement made the previous day that there was indeed a new Howlround release in the offing and that listeners to Resonance FM were about to receive the WORLD EXCLUSIVE first play ANYWHERE!


This time it’s 100% true – those promenading London Bridge last Saturday lunchtime will be able to vouch for a Fog-shaped blur dashing down Borough High Street with a test pressing under his arm. I can now excitedly reveal that this test pressing was a freshly minted split LP featuring brand new material from Howlround and genius fellow tape-wrangler Marta De Pascalis, forthcoming on The Wormhole label and available within the next month or so. Scouts Honor this time! Still don’t believe me? Listen again here for a tantalising aural glimpse:

Thanks to Richard and the Dexter Bentley team for having me. As it happens I shall be back on the show again next week, Saturday 7th April, performing live tape loops alongside new-wave legends The Monochrome Set and ‘erudite indie poppers’ The Reverse. All being well and with the machines’ co-operation, I shall be unveiling some of the decidedly abrasive new material we’ve been working on during our winter hibernation, which will hopefully whet a few appetites for the following Saturday’s live performance alongside Stephan Matieu at Iklecktik. Listen in from noon this Saturday on 104.4FM in London, DAB in greater London or worldwide via Resonancefm.com. SORTED!



Author: Robin The Fog

Sound Artist, Radio Producer, DJ, founder and chief strategist of tape-loop proejct Howlround. Devout Catalyst.

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