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Excited to announce that Howlround will be performing this Sunday, 19th August as part of Liminality [Cacophony], a three-day festival of performances and installations at Gallery 46 in Whitechapel, curated by Sean McLusky, Kevin Quigley and Bjørn Hatleskog, with special guest Johny Brown. Part of an amazing line-up of performances and installations across the three days, including Vic Goddard, Rothko, Stephanie Horak and my old sparring partner Time Attendant to name but a few. I’m using the opportunity to test out some new ‘Tape Loop Techno’ that I’ve been working on over the past few weeks, so I might end up giving the venue’s PA system a bit of a testing as well! Howlround will also be taking part in the Friday leg of a performance of a new work, The Hours: A Play For The New Man, written by Johny Brown and performed by himself and Dolly Dolly, along with the usual eye-popping visuals from Inga Tillere. Come for the evening, stay for the weekend! 
Presenting new works of live art performance / performance installation / experimental music and works of durational performance. LIMINALITY and GALLERY 46 are bringing together artists and musicians that carve out unique corners of creativity, new modes of making art and music [CACOPHONY] 3 days of performance and installations, exploring the connecting strident loops of new music-performance while exposing the overlapping layers that veil the unfolding performance – the anticipation, the live-ness and the surprise. Throughout 10 spaces on 3 floors of GALLERY 46 / LIMINALITY will create – a new concert of ideas – a cacophony of performance. 
The gallery will be open 12 noon – 11pm each day with a full program of durational works and performance plus workshops and casual talks with artists in situ developing their works throughout.

In other news, the Sesame Street Special edition of Resonance FM’s OST Show, presented a couple of weeks back by myself and DJ Food is now online and available for your streaming pleasure. Two solid hours of CTW Funk, Muppet Madness and Sesame Psychedelia, much of it never released, which has been going down a storm with crate-diggers young and old. If you haven’t heard it yet, click below. If you have, click below anyway for a second helping. Thoroughly enjoyed putting this show together and thanks to everyone who got in touch and shared their own favourite Sesame moments over the years. The ‘Capital I‘ song appears to have brought back quite a few memories!

Roosevelt Franklin: Right-on dude on string-bean connoisseur

In other news, I’m thoroughly enjoying tree little milk egg book…and other non sequiturs, the new album from The Twelve Hour Foundation on the ever-reliable Castles in Space label. Twelve slices of groovy radiophonic pop and abstract sonic experimentation on gorgeous splatter vinyl, it’s Jez and Polly’s finest work to date. Super limited though, you’d be advised to grab a copy quickly while stocks last.

Twelve Hour Foundation Artwork

Recorded and produced following their triumphant set at last year’s Delaware Road event in Kelvedon Hatch Nuclear Bunker (you remember!), the album’s shiny-button synth melodies, vocoder voices and tick-tock percussion give it the feeling of a particularly benign institution, while the echoes of Radiophonic pioneers such as Paddy Kingsland and John Baker puts me in mind of some imagined soundtrack to a particularly funky episode of Chockablock for hipster toddlers. This is in every way a compliment, I swear watching that show as a child is the reason I’ve turned out so well…


Author: Robin The Fog

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