Weird Reverberations From The Outer Limits (aka Penge): An Electronic Sound Feature

Howlround are hereby most honoured and delighted to be featured in the latest edition of Electronic Sound magazine, a whole four pages devoted to the secret life of spools and new album The Debatable Lands. Our scribe is Ben Murphy and the gorgeous photography is by Antonio Curcetti.  Plus the issue boasts a very snazzy pro-EU cover that compliments the Howlround values nicely!

Photo by Antonio Curcetti

Thanks must also to Neil Mason for arranging this feature and for saying such nice things about the new album in the previous issue. Copies of the LP and six additional digital bonus tracks can still be purchased here. Electronic Sound is available from all good record shops, some bad record shops and also your local branch of WH Smiths. Curiously, I purchased my own copy from the branch of Smiths in which I used to surreptitiously read DJ Mag as a teenager (my paper round wouldn’t quite stretch to buying records AND magazines about records) and coincidentally where I first read an article way back in 1994 that alerted me to the fact that this music I loved so much was called ‘Jungle’. Ben was previously the editor of DJ Mag as it turns out. Funny how these things move in cycles, isn’t it? Two seminal moments in the same shop, a mere 25 years apart (plus I got a birthday card for mother).

Anyway, the new Electronic Sound, including a special edition featuring a 7″ single by Deus is now available, and proves a stimulating read, as always. The only thing I would warn against is accidentally dropping the damn thing spine-first on your toe. You’ll be hopping around swearing like a sailor for at least half an hour…


Photo by Antonio Curcetti


Author: Robin The Fog

Sound Artist, Radio Producer, DJ, founder and chief strategist of tape-loop proejct Howlround. Devout Catalyst.

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