Allowing The Light – Fog Cast Episode 2 + Touch Isolation

Hello you. Presented here for your approval, the second episode of Fog Cast, my new series of deep listening, isolationist soundscapes for Resonance 104.4FM. Broadcast Wednesday night at 11pm and repeated Sunday morning at 2.30am, this is aimed at anyone looking to find some kind of aural balm during our current lockdown situation. This week’s show features predominantly recent work, including a new unreleased piece recorded in the Brunel Tunnel, but there’s room for a couple of throwbacks as well, of course. As ever, I really want this programme to be a platform for contemporary artists to showcase new work, so please do get in touch with any suggestions of what should feature on future shows!

Rob Mullender-Ross – Ex-Voto [unreleased, 2020]
Graham Dunning – The Tracing of a Single Tide [from Something About Still Trying, Flaming Pines, 2020]
Pascal Savy – Allow the Light [from Dislocations, Experimedia, 2018]
BJ Nilsen – The Sound of Two Hands [from Focus Intensity Power, Moving Furniture, 2018]
Pascal Savy – Shadows Out of Time [from Dislocations, Experimedia, 2018]
Carl Matthews – Harmony Through Conflict [from Call For World Saviours, Mirage, 1984]
Jon Brooks – Violet Tide [from Walberswick, More Than Human, 2015]
Lasos – Formentera Sunset Clouds [from Inter-Dimensional Music, Unity Records, 1975]

Also on the subject of Lockdown, I’m excited to announce that Howlround have contributed to a brand new project from the Touch stable, the long-running label founded by Mike Harding and Jon Wozencroft that recently celebrated its 38th birthday – and of course put out our sixth LP The Debatable Lands last year. Touch Isolation is a new subscription series that will feature twenty exclusive tracks by the label’s impressive roster of artists, each to be gradually unveiled over the coming weeks together with bonus content and other surprises too. £20 will get you all of these tracks and more, plus the warm fuzzy feeling that you’re directly helping to support the artists in a time where, needless to say, performance and revenue opportunities have been severely compromised. Any income generated will be shared equally between the artists and I’m planning to donate Howlround’s portion to Iklectik, the Lambeth-based arts venue that has been forced to close its doors and will be increasingly in need of support in the coming months. Our contribution ‘Insula Acid’ was recorded a fortnight ago while self-isolating and fittingly contains nothing but closed-input recordings from a single tape machine, produced in under an hour. Plus it sits alongside other new and exclusive works from Chris Watson, ELEH, Jana Winderen, Zachary Paul, Philip Jeck, Bana Haffar to name but a few – what a line-up!

The cancellation of gigs and festivals has already severely impacted our artists creatively and financially. In addition it has denied you, our audience, the opportunity to see them play and support them. The notion of ‘independent music’ might, in effect, be pushed deeper into the self-isolation mode it is already struggling to break free from. We don’t need studios to the same extent, but we do need a stage, a physical reference and if not, a mental space with which to question the drive to online existence.

We set out to respond to these challenging times in a creative and helpful way. The idea is to present Touch: Isolation whereby a new exclusive track from one of our artists, each with a bespoke photograph/cover image, is presented on a regular basis over the coming weeks. All the income received is collected from your subscriptions and put in a kitty, the proceeds of which are then divided up between the contributing artists.

These new and exclusive interventions will include works by Oren Ambarchi, Richard Chartier, ELEH, farmers manual, Fennesz, Bana Haffar, Howlround, Philip Jeck, Bethan Kellough, Daniel Menche, Anthony Moore, Yann Novak, Zachary Paul, Claire M Singer, Geneva Skeen, UnicaZürn, Mark Van Hoen, CM von Hausswolff, Chris Watson, Jana Winderen and others to be confirmed – all expertly mastered by Denis Blackham.

We invite you to take this unique opportunity to support the artists, without whom there would be no alternative to corporate art… support the industries which realise the artists’ creation – the uncredited producers, designers, software developers, distributors, vinyl cutters, mastering engineers, friends and family etc., who all symbiotically depend on the other to bring their works to fruition […] The subscription costs £20 for 20 (or more) tracks – please support the artists by investing in the Touch: Isolation project, and expect surprises – good ones for a change.

So, a great project for a good cause. What’s not to like? Click here to sign up!


Author: Robin The Fog

Sound Artist, Radio Producer, DJ, founder and chief strategist of tape-loop proejct Howlround. Devout Catalyst.

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