Resonant Oscillations – Fog Cast Episode 4 + Treasure Down The Kaleidoscope

Hello You. Though I say so myself, this week’s Fog Cast on Resonance FM is a special occasion even by normal standards! We’re celebrating the imminent arrival of new albums by Oscillatorial Binnage on Sub Rosa, Drew Mulholland on Castles In Space, Lea Burtucci and Wonderful Beasts. Four LPs I’m very excited about, though I should point out that on this occasion I’m actually playing extracts from Lea’s previous effort, 2018’s Resonant Field, partly because it’s a truly sublime piece of work and partly because I still haven’t got my grubby mitts on the new vinyl yet.

Oscillatorial Binnage – Lamppostian Fronds [from Agitations, Sub Rosa, 2020]
Lea Burtucci – Wind Piece [from Resonant Field, NNA Tapes, 2018]
Drew Mulholland – Under Signal Control / To The Saltmarsh, Shingle & / The Black Beacon
[from A Haunted Strip Of Marshland, Castles In Space, 2020]
Oscillatorial Binnage – Wok Tones [from Agitations, Sub Rosa, 2020]
Lea Burtucci – Resonant Field [from Resonant Field, NNA Tapes, 2018]
Wonderful Beasts – Love Her [from The Art Of Whisper, Wormhole World, 2020]
DJ Food – Hour Glass / Shattered Glass (Early Version) [unreleased, rec. 2000]
Wonderful Beasts – She Is Sweet [from The Art Of Whisper, Wormhole World, 2020]

I’m also excited to announce that nestled in amongst all this exciting new material is an unreleased archive classic from DJ Food, included here to mark the anniversary of seminal LP Kaleidoscope, released 20 years ago this month. How time flies, seems only yesterday I was spacing out to this landmark album in my student bedroom. Besides being a Neo-Noir classic in its own right, Kaleidoscope introduced me to so much other music as well – the Bedazzed OST, the start of an obsession with the work of Ken Nordine, Mr. Geets Romo and How To Speak Hip – a perfect combination of the ridiculously sublime and the sublimely ridiculous. The version of ‘Hour Glass / Shattered Glass’ included here is an alternate unreleased version of a track from album companion The Quadraplex EP that until earlier this month had been buried deep in the Food vaults, never having seen the light of day. I’m very chuffed to be able to give it an airing here!

To further celebrate this momentous anniversary, Strictly Kev and PC (DJ Food was a duo back when Kaleidoscope was recorded) have been rummaging around in the archives and provided a pair of companion mixtapes, full-to-bursting with further unreleased content: alternate mixes, early versions, demos, outtakes and previously unheard tracks. It’s all something of a revelation for anyone familiar with the original album, and a throbbingly good listen for anyone yet to succumb to its pleasures. I was particularly excited by the further alternate versions of Quadraplex tracks edited together into an extended suite that builds to a pummelling climax. But that’s in the second part. For now, have a listen to Part 1 above (curated by PC) and then head over to the official DJ Food page for Kev’s mix and extensive additional sleevenotes. Top work, chaps and congratulations – all over again!

In other news, Buried Treasure, the label that brought us The Delaware Road, Revbjelde and all manner of splendid library, folk-horror vinyl weirdness are currently holding a lockdown sale, with the last few remaining copies of some of their back-catalogue now on offer for what label head Alan Gubby describes as ‘silly money‘. And with four classic LPs for a mere ¬£30, he’s not kidding. If I didn’t basically own the entire kit and caboodle already, I’d be jumping on these like they were on fire. There’s even a tiny handful of the original Delaware Road still available for a mere fiver. Diehard Howlround fans (I’m sure we have at least a token handful) will remember that most excellent compilation, particularly its opening track, surely?

Plus if you still haven’t picked up this year’s Hooha Hubbub from Revbjelde, now is the time as stocks are dwindling fast. It’s a stark, angry, fuzzy, yet surprisingly groovy affair that to my ears is a mere dry cough away from perfectly encapsulating this blighted year of 2020. But nowhere near as bad as that makes it sound…


Author: Robin The Fog

Sound Artist, Radio Producer, DJ, founder and chief strategist of tape-loop proejct Howlround. Devout Catalyst.

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