Important Mechanics: Nights At The Market 28/01/2012

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Public Service Broadcasting is the brainchild of J. Willgoose, Esq., who combines a guitar, a banjo, a computer and a theremin with samples from old public information films to create new, exciting and decidedly eccentric music that informs, educates and entertains in equal measure. He is joined in his adventures by Mr. Wrigglesworth on drums and together they conjure a sepia-tinted, bow-tie-blazing assault on all of your senses (they smell nice too), which has earned them attention from BBC 6 Music and  a spate of gigs all over the place, including a recent live set at KOKO supporting Plaid and Hexstatic, during which this tasteful photo was captured:

After all this gigging, they’re pretty on-point as a band right now. So what better time to invite you to check them out than this coming Saturday at the latest of their self-curated  Nights At The Market  events?  The second in a continuing residency at Tooting Market in South London, the lineup includes the full PSB Stage Show, alt-pop from Professor Penguin and noisebeat pop from Bear Response Team. But that’s not all! I’m very pleased to inform you that Mr. Willigoose contacted me personally and asked if I would be willing to DJ at the event (on MSN Messenger, so it’s official). The decision to reply ‘Hell, yes, why didn’t you ask me sooner, smiley emoticon?!’ took all of three seconds.

So, a fine line-up and a classy venue. But, as often seems to happen, my name was added to the bill long after the poster was printed. And a quick glance at the Facebook event page informs me that my name only appears on the running order after the ‘Hot Tasty Food’. Fortunately I happen to be COMPLETELY BRILLIANT at Photoshop, so I have been swift to amend this issue, subtly hinting at the value of my presence on the night whilst remaining true to the exceedingly classy design:

This took ages.

All joking aside, I’m a big fan of Public Service Broadcasting. I’ve already pre-ordered their forthcoming single ‘ROYGBIV’ which is coming out VERY soon, and I highly recommend your doing the same, it’s the best thing I’ve heard for ages! To increase the awesomeness a little further, here’s the official video:

And here’s another recent effort,  this video to the track ‘Signal 30’ was shot and directed by Owain Rich and Peter Price. Appropriate surnames, as with their obscene levels of talent, Owain will indeed by Rich and hiring Peter indeed Pricey before we’re all very much older. Marvel at what they have wrought:

Hope to see you there, apparently I’m on CD decks, which is a bit of a change from my beloved vinyl, but it will at least give the old spine a night off. While planning my set I am reminded of an interview I once read an with Mr. C, the, er, ‘rapper’ from The Shamen; where he talked about going into club promotion as he ‘wanted to see people wearing cutting-edge clothing and celebrating life’. I wonder if he was thinking of bow-ties and corduroy? If so, he’s in for a treat! Provided he gets my invite…

Join them (and me, and some hot, tasty food) in Tooting for a celebration of life this Saturday!


Author: Robin The Fog

Sound Artist, Radio Producer, DJ, founder and chief strategist of tape-loop proejct Howlround. Devout Catalyst.

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