A Proper Psychedelic Sunburst: DJ Food On Panel Borders, 05/02/2012

Just in case you weren’t one of the millions tuning into Resonance 104.4FM  at 8pm, Sun 5th February to hear my exclusive interview with DJ Food on Panel Borders, the UK’s only radio programme devoted to comics and all things graphic art, here is the podcast for your streaming delight:

Henry Flint's bespoke cover for 'The Search Engine' album. Ace!

Or you could visit the podcast page on the Resonance FM website here.

Kev talks about his recent collaborations with 2000AD comic-artist Henry Flint, brand new album ‘The Search Engine’ and the exhibition of album artwork (plus some Flint originals and a few tricks of his own) currently occurring at the Pure Evil Gallery in London’s Shoreditch.

An example of Henry's striking original artwork with colouring by Kev.

We also discussed how his work as a graphic designer affects his musical output, so stand by for much talk of  ‘splatter vinyl’, flexidiscs and records pressed onto postcards. Seriously, postcard records! How amazing is that? Who else would’ve known they were making them once more?

This is actually what I find most interesting about Kev’s work, the way his musical and designing chops compliment one-another, but in a rather different way to his label-mate Kid Koala, who I interviewed for Panel Borders a few months back. While he does indeed fit the traditional image of the DJ as a ‘digger’, constantly on the hunt for the most obscure grooves and elusive musical nuggets in amongst all the cultural flotsam and jetsam; this principle could be said to guide his graphic work too, as he scours the internet and other shadowy channels looking for, in his own words, the ‘good shit’. In the modern idiom, this ‘good shit’ could could be a killer drum break, a stop-motion video loop, an obscure comic-book artist or just someone willing to produce limited edition splatter-vinyl DJ controller disks:

Truly a 21st century digger. And to prove it, here’s a picture of him in a space suit:

Not for nothing is his album called ‘The Search Engine’. Speaking of which, it’s out now. On the mighty Ninja Tune label. Make sure you grab yourself a limited edition copy of the ‘Comic’ edition with your complimentary flexdisc! Yep, it turns out they still make those too. Isn’t life grand?

PS For the uninitiated, this is what splatter vinyl looks like:

"The good shit".


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