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Hello. There’s loads to tell you and plenty going on, including a new Howlround work to be premiered in an derelict tower-block in July (shortly before demolition – but hopefully not too shortly!) as well some forthcoming gigs and two new short works for radio, but to be honest I think I’m just going to wait for this whole EU thing to blow over first. Self-promotion is hard enough at the best of times without having to compete with the hectoring and bellowing of all these right-wing loons such as that mouthy woman who appears to have become a major political force after rising to fame by calling other women fat on Twitter…

But in the meantime I will at least provide you with this week’s Near Mint show, which has been put together by guest curator Chris Tillotson, an LA-based musician and expert crate digger who runs the Starving Daughters Vinyl Impressions blog. It’s a glorious mix of largely-Italian and seriously rare library and soundtrack cues that I fear may go un-noticed because of unfortunate timing and our current state of national hysteria. Have a click and a listen and then go visit Chris’ blog for more of the same. He also produces original music under the Starving Daughters name and that’s pretty great too…

Everything else can wait until next week. Except to say thanks to everyone who came down to Cafe Oto last night and made it such a special event. It was great to hear live sets from fellow-performers Ben Neill and Radionics Radio, to report that the machines were suspiciously well behaved; and to see so many friends old and new in attendance. Special thanks must also go to Gabriel Edvy for this rather splendid image, which is probably the most photogenic I’ve looked in years…

Howlround by Gabriel Edvy

Business as usual next week? Hope so….



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