Picking Up Mint Made Easy


Hello you. A hurried post today in an attempt to partially clear the decks for some rather large business that’s expected to be announced imminently. But before I get caught up in whirlwind, heat and flash, I wanted to make sure that before anything else happened you had a chance to get your ears around the latest edition of Near Mint on Resonance FM, which this weeks pays a return visit to Fort Lauderdale, Florida and the record collection of DJ, musician, collector, anglophile and cultural historian Nick Daly, proprietor of the Diagonals blog.

It’s another classic selection of beautiful treasure and glorious trash, the former provided by the Children of the Italia Conti School and our old friend Jean Jacques Perrey amongst others, the latter very much in attendance thanks to the appearance of a snippet of that hardy old classic Picking Up Girls Made Easy!, a rather sordid 1970s LP apparently designed to offer dating tips to unbelievably shallow young men with unbelievably tight trousers. This grubby little volume and I have crossed paths before, as it appeared on the third episode of my 2013 Resonance FM series Looking Good, Feeling Great (the aptly-titled ‘A Peculiar Kind Of Emptiness‘) and yet somehow it still remains miles outside of my price range. For this reason I must thank LPCoverLover.com for unwittingly allowing me to borrow their high-def scan of the cover:

These women are not IN to you. They are ON to you.

But that’s not all, folks. Nick spent so much time agonising over both this week’s show and the previous instalment that he’s actually compiled a third mix of outtakes and off-cuts which is actually significantly longer than both of these shows put together! I was going to embed it right here on the blog, but for ridiculous reason that I can’t understand or explain, WordPress is having absolutely none of it and refusing to let me embed the Mixcloud player. So I shall have to just inform you that you can find it complete with a full tracklist and sleevenotes on the Diagonals blog HERE and leave you to it.

Bravo once again, Mr. Daly. Rumour has it he might just have some sort of album of his own due in the new year. Keep your ears to the wind for that one…


Author: Robin The Fog

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