Howlround at Cafe Oto Project Space With Leafcutter John and CTRL FREQ

Hello You. Before I get to the main thrust of that headline, allow me to stir in some additional intrigue by inviting you to enjoy this extract from my set at the recent Tapeworm 100 event at Iklectik; where that fine label celebrated their centennial emission – the whopping 36-track compilation A Can Of Worms,  featuring amongst other delights an exclusive Howlround track and artwork by Savage Pencil – by throwing an extravaganza at one of my very favourite venues. Featuring live performances from such luminaries as Dale Cornish and Phil Julian, Simon Fisher Turner, Marta De Pascalis and more, for my own part this might well have been Howlround’s noisiest set to date, as I decided to use the venue’s excellent sound system and the presence of ever-patient sound engineer Ilia Rogatchevski to give the equipment a bit of a push. Though in truth it’s not as if I need too much of an excuse to go heading down the noisy rabbithole at the moment – I’ve been getting really into pure feedback lately and thankfully it seems my neighbours are quite into it as well. Three cheers, then, for the Tapeworm, for label heads Mike and Philip and of course for Eduard and the Iklectik posse. If you haven’t yet visited this brilliant little corner of Lambeth yet, do so with haste. It’s rapidly becoming the Cafe Oto of South London!  

Which brings me semi-seamlessly to the Cafe Oto of North London, aka the actual Cafe Oto, where Howlround will be heading back down that rabbithole again this Friday in their Oto Project Space, alongside Leafcutter John and CTRL FREQ. Details and tickets here. It promises to be a mighty event, not least because it marks a rare UK appearance from legendary self-styled ‘circuit bender, sonologist, vagabond, improviser, music producer, audio-hacker, instrument designer, nomad, radio presenter, workshop leader, squatter’ Kacper Ziemianin, a man more often found making mischief around The Hague. And it’s not as if Mr. Leafcutter’s work is in any need of an introduction, is it? Take full advantage of their presence!

Brighton friends! A Creak In Time, the critically-acclaimed film by Steven McInerney for which Howlround provided the soundtrack is screening at The Green Door Store this Sunday as part of Splitting The Atom XXXIX experimental/free/noise all-dayer. And it’s free! Further details here.




And lastly, thanks to everyone who ventured down to the Crypt at the all-day electronic music festival that was 22rpm, to check out the Howlround tape loop installation stretched across the tunnels beneath the historic church of St. John. This proved yet another perfect location for my programme of haunted drones and wonky loops – which was just as well as the increasing humidity caused them to contract, resulting in things getting even wonkier than usual and causing some frequently beautiful happy accidents – plus the gradual death of both loops, all captured on my recorder for prosperity. I will put an official extract online at some point soon, once I’ve had time to properly go through the material (due to various commitments my life is currently about a week behind schedule), but in the meantime huge congratulations must go to Léigh and the Bit-Phalanx team for putting on their finest event yet.  And not forgetting to send big Martian love as ever to my old pal Coppé, visiting us once again from Mars and this time rocking a show-stealing costume that for some reason put me in mind of a giant squid, with a hat in the shape of a giant tooth completing the look. Naturally you’d don’t spend an hour backstage being helped into this kind of attire for nothing, and while I missed the set due to my subterranean untangling duties, I’m told the tracks from new album Milk went down a storm. It’s out now on CD and ‘puddle’ coloured vinyl. Order it here. It’s good to have her back!

Ben from Lightrhythm Visuals, Coppé from Mars and me from, er, Penge.

Author: Robin The Fog

Sound Artist, Radio Producer, DJ, founder and chief strategist of tape-loop proejct Howlround. Devout Catalyst.

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