Sci-Fi Stoke Newington And Guildhall Howling

Don’t forget to join us this Friday at Stoke Newington Old Church, where we’ll be doing a live score of A Creak In Time as part of Dronica #6, a two-day event with a frankly stunning line-up! Very much looking forward to this one! If you miss out, however, we’ll also be working the magic once more as part of Sci-Fi-London’s ‘EXPeriment’ on the evening of Sunday 5th. Howlround seems to be very much Hackney-centric at the moment, so apologies to any other London boroughs who might be feeling neglected!

Also this week, I’ve been at the Guildhall School Of Music talking to the students there about the joys of using tape, chance and chaos as a compositional tool. Thanks to the hopelessly-inept machinations of London Transport and a Taxi Driver who appeared to be working on a map of London reflected via the back of a spoon, I ended up with slightly more chaos thrown into the mix than I’d counted on. But once again an occasionally bumpy ride lead to a veritable plethora of sonic surprises. I’ll be sure to do something more official with the recordings at some point, but here’s a little snippet of what we got up to in the meantime:

Thanks to my flatmate and impromptu lighting technician Rosie and of course to Mike Roberts and his Electronic Music students for such a warm welcome, although it was plenty warm enough already – thanks to my Taxi Driver I’d been forced to sprint half a mile around the Barbican with 30kgs of equipment in my suitcase! Just look at those calluses!


Author: Robin The Fog

Sound Artist, Radio Producer, DJ, founder and chief strategist of tape-loop proejct Howlround. Devout Catalyst.

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