This IS Relevant – A Picture Of The Picture Of Dorian Gray

Thrilled to announce the second ever performance by The Howling, my duo with Ken Hollings at IKLECTIK on 5th February as part of A Picture of The Picture of Dorian Gray, an evening of performances very (VERY) loosely based on the Oscar Wilde novel. Or ‘Elctroacoustic soundtracks and spoken word on the conditions of vice, vanity, and science fiction’ as promoters Tears|Ov have eloquently put it. They’ll be performing as well, alongside Laura Agnusdei and ALPHA, so while it’s not an official event of The Tapeworm and it’s sister label Wormhole, the presence of so many artists from the their rosters certainly makes it feel like it should be!

Tickets are available here and all being well the debut album by The Howling should surface later in 2022. In the meantime, check out the clip below. It’s sounding heavy!

In other news, thanks to everyone who came down to the Tape Letters From The Waiting Room launch party last Friday and also A l’écoute d’Éliane Radigue the following evening, what an amazing turnout to both events and what an absolutely fantastic weekend it ended up being! So lovely to be part of something so inspiring and to catch up with so many old friends. Mark Vernon’s live soundtrack to Steven McInerney’s latest film and the audiovisual collaboration of Pascal Savy and Hanzo Schwartz were sublime highlights of the Friday night, while the Saturday evening’s sound projection of Radigue’s pieces Arthesis (1973) and Kyema (1988), performed by GRM Director François J. Bonnet through the AMOENUS sound system that surrounded the audience was truly a rare and memorable experience.

In the round… Soundchecking the AMOENUS system

It seems only good and right to celebrate this event and the great composer’s 90th Birthday this week by dedicating the latest episode of Fog Cast to playing (almost all of) her magnificent 1978 work Triptych, which is now online and available to listen again via the link below. Happy Birthday, Eliane!

Oh, and this is happening:

…But more on that later!


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